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I'd like to share an idea with you in the interest of helping you better understand the role astrology plays in your life. I invite you to think of your life as a book you're writing. Your astrological birthchart outlines the basic plot of your life, and you're free to develop the story line any way you wish.

Each day is a fresh sheet of paper you roll into the typewriter. The transiting planets are the editors. Sometimes they're pleased with what you've submitted. "Yes," they say, "follow that idea; it has merit." And your life flows along smoothly.

At other times, however, an editor (think of him as a transiting planet) offers a suggestion about how to improve your story, asking you to make radical revisions in your script. How do you react? You may feel temporarily blocked or rejected; maybe you'd like to crumple up your script and toss it into the wastebasket. Haven't you noticed this is what some people do with their life's story? Think of drug addicts; street people, suicides.

Your life is a work-in-progress: a story line you're in the midst of developing. Each day is an adventure to be explored and followed to its exciting conclusion...another episode in your life's story. So what if you make a mistake? Tomorrow you can revise your script! Don't worry; if you need help, an orbiting planet (disguised as a helpful editor) will nudge you in the right direction.

The seven-year astrological cycles form the chapters of your book. One chapter closes and you begin to write the next one, building on what has gone before in your personal life story.

We're each writing a different book; listening to an inner vision outlined by our birthchart. Some of us are writing "How To" books...attempting to provide answers to life's mysteries. Others are writing soap operas filled with cruel quirks of fate and melodramatic plot twists. Some are writing tragedies, comedies, tragicomedies. My point is this: you are the author of your fate.

So what kind of book are you writing? I encourage you to develop your story so your life becomes a masterpiece...a book that moves people to say, "Now, that story has meaning!"

You see your life...your story...does make a difference, for better or worse, to those who read it, even if they only read a few lines, or a few chapters. Your life story is an intimate dialogue with anyone who picks it up, however briefly. I invite you to write a book that no one can put down. Your birthchart provides you with all the necessary elements of a good story, different from everyone else's, uniquely your own. Dedicate yourself to creating a work of art with your life. I believe you were born for this.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,



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