During my role as an Astrological Counselor for nearly thirty years I have repeatedly witnessed very clearly that our birthday is the most important point in our personal year.  For this is the time when we decide, consciously or unconsciously, what our life will be about for the coming year; we decide then (whether we know it or not) the difference we will make. 

So, I have created a Birthday Meditation E-Book for each of the twelve Astrological Signs, to help you set forth on your personal adventure with a clear vision of what that adventure will be. You can use your Birthday Meditation E-Book every year on your birthday to set your intention for the following year.  In fact, I encourage you to use it whenever you want guidance during the month of your birthday and indeed, throughout the whole year, if you wish.  Each Meditation E-Book is written specifically for you!

These Birthday Meditations offer a wealth of techniques designed to attune you to the energy of your purpose as you set out on your annual journey:

These Birthday Meditation E-Books make a thoughtful, unusual, and inexpensive surpirse birthday gift for the special people in your life.  Each E-Book sells for only $4.95.
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