Cancer Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Cancer
I accept all its power, potential, and gifts
for I am the star in a sea of stars,
I am the water and the moon,
I provide the haven, the safe haven, in the universe.
My deep and powerful emotions
enable me to be the Universal Nourisher
so that all that's new may grow
safe and loved, secure, well understood and cherished.
I am the womb of the new.
I am patient, the Master of the Ties of emotions and moods.
Through my amazing ability to focus power and attention,
I easily navigate the ebb and flow of emotional atmospheres.
I induce and bring new life up from the deepest caverns of consciousness
into the bright light and power of the Sun.
I give birth to new life on the upper spirals of existence.
I ascend and the Sun shines on me,
because I, above all, below all,
nourish the present moment and protect it,
harbour it so it may be cherished later.
I am emotionally brave, magnetic, strong, and persistent.
I care and I share and so people trust and depend on me.
I make them feel safe and secure, needed and protected.
I hold the family of man together. I am that unity.
I rule with a loving, loyal sympathy
the public mass consciousness on the planet.
My love is so exquisite for all men and women that I overcome
and meet all challenges. I am brave, and I feel
I have more energy than I need and can change rhythm at will.
Though I respect tradition, my quiet power can transform all that is old into the new.
I am prosperous, self-reliant, shrewd, thrifty and methodical.
I nourish and cherish my destiny; I can change my destiny
Now I choose to shape my future
in a balanced dance between comfort and challenge

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~
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