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It's that time again—we will be experiencing another Solar Eclipse on January 14th at 25 degrees of Capricorn. As you know, each of the houses in your birth chart represents a compartment of your life, and the house in which a Solar Eclipse falls is profoundly important; it indicates where you inevitably experience a crisis, or turning point, in your life, which occupies your attention for the following six months until the next Solar Eclipse.

As usual, to help you understand how the Eclipse will affect your natal chart, I am pleased to offer you by email your personal Solar Eclipse Reading in either text or audio format.  Learn more about my Solar Eclipse Reading here.

BTW today's date is palindromic...reading the same backwards or forwards. 0 1 0 2 2 0 1 0. There will be 12 MM/DD/YYYY palindromes in the 21st century, 12 more in the 22nd and 12 more in the 23rd. But after that, the next such palindrome period won't happen for 711 years and a day like today won't return for millenia.  Enjoy today...there won't be another like it for 10,000 years -- until 01/02/12010.

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As you will notice if you have visited my Ephemeris Page and viewed the Calendar, Mercury will turn retrograde at 21 degrees of Capricorn on December 26th. However, as so often happens when Mercury is in its shadow but not quite having turned retrograde, he begins creating mischief ahead of time!

For instance, I’ve just heard from two of my friends that their computers are having severe problems. So… Mercury roguishness is in the air already and we can expect more of the same during the three weeks following December 26th, until Mercury turns direct again on January 13th at 5 degrees of Capricorn.

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Again, I thank you for your interest in my website and my services. I wish you and yours the joy and wonder of the Christmas season and blessings throughout the coming year.

I embrace you with love and light,


POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, December 14, 2009

I want to thank you for your continuing support of my website and I wish you and those you love a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Click here to view my Christmas Greeting to you.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, December 3, 2009

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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Frankly, I can’t help sympathizing with celebrities—like Tiger Woods, who, in spite of their fame and fortune, also wish to experience a “private life”. That, unfortunately, I need hardly tell you, is something that virtually flies out the window once one attains the pinnacle of success, acquiring avid followers and a place in Wikipedia. So just let me say at the outset of what follows that I do understand Tiger Woods’ plaintiff—albeit naïve—request for privacy at this humiliating juncture in his storied life.

And of course, the current humiliating and embarrassing situation in his private life—as well as his public life—is right there in his astrological chart—as well as, I must add, in his Book of Destiny Report. Let’s first examine the aspects to Woods’ birthchart: Tiger Woods is a Capricorn (as is his wife, Elin—about whom I shall have more to say later). Capricorns, usually—but not always—do cherish their privacy. They are, for the most part, whether famous or infamous— extremely insular with regard to their private lives.

At this critical time, however, transiting Pluto (transformation--whether one wants it or not) is in the sign of Capricorn in square to transiting Saturn (lessons to be learned) exalted in the sign of Libra.  All Capricorns—and in this even the illustrious Tiger Woods can be no exception—are undergoing tests and challenges from these authoritarian (not to say ornery!) planets at this moment in time. To be more precise, every one of us on the planet is experiencing the challenges of these two planets in some part of our life.

Pluto, with its inherent intensity, is approaching a conjunction with Woods’ natal Sun (his essence). This transit often precipitates a life-changing event. Meanwhile, at the same time Saturn is transiting his 1st House of personality and physicality and is simultaneously squaring Woods’ Sun. I note with interest, however, that Woods’ natal Pluto resides in his 1st house in square to his 4th house Sun, so challenge is no stranger to him, and he has proved himself—at least on the golf course—magnificently capable of standing up to challenge throughout his 33 years.

The tabloids would have us believe that Woods’ wee hours of the morning "accident" was precipitated by his wife’s discovery of his involvement with “the other woman”. What does his astrological chart have to say about this?  Well, both Jupiter (over-arching enthusiasm) and sneaky Neptune are transiting Woods’ natal 5th house of romance at this time, lending some merit, (in my astrological opinion!) to the conjecture.

Why do I say this?  For one thing, I don’t publically voice an opinion about a person’s chart without having had some previous experience in analyzing a similar situation in someone else’s chart. Years ago, while consulting with a client about her chart, I noticed that she had these same transits (Jupiter and Neptune transiting through her 5th house). She was married, so I was surprised to see these transits and said something to the effect of: “Hmm, there appears to be an extra-marital romance going on here." The lady stoutly denied this allegation, so I quickly said, “Oh, well, then what I’m seeing must be the creative writing you are doing just now", and moved on with my analysis. At the end of her consultation, however, my client leaned over and coyly tapped her chart, “Tell me more about this extra-marital romance,” she smiled. Then she admitted that she was indeed carrying on an affair. The stars do not lie. They just don’t. Period.

Let's move to Tiger Woods’ latest Lunar Return—the chart constructed for when the Moon returns to the place it occupies in one’s natal chart—in Woods' case 22 degrees of Sagittarius—a notably inconstant Moon sign, if I may say so, and I do. In Woods’ Lunar Return chart which took place on November 18th that restless Moon exactly conjoins the 7th house cusp—of marriage and Pluto occupies the house as well—a clear picture of confrontation with one’s mate—eerily exacerbated by the square of Saturn’s placement in the 4th house of home and family. Venus occupies the 5th house of children, but also romance and risk, and it’s in the sign of Scorpio, where it does not rest easily.

Next we find Mars—the anger and accident purveyor—in the 3rd house of automobiles and communication. And Uranus—the great Awakener—occupies the 10th house of one’s public image in this Lunar Return chart—bringing the “accident” and its associated details to the attention of the public. If there ever was a more accurate astrological portrait of what is occurring in a person’s life, I have yet to see it.

The Moon, precisely on the 7th house cusp and upon whose energy this chart is based, is in square (challenge!) to both Saturn (tests, trouble, separation) in the 4th house of home and family and disruptive Uranus in the 10th house of reputation and public image—as well as authority figures—who have played an ongoing role in this scenario with the police seeking and repeatedly being refused an interview with Woods.

Oh, and incidentally, the aforementioned Jupiter/Neptune combo reside in the 9th house of mass media—which I would without hesitation assign to Wood’s speaking to us through his personal website, rather than granting the police an interview. Also, his lawyer is speaking for him--another 9th house matter.

Now, let’s turn, as promised, to Elin Woods' natal chart. Elin, born on January 1st, 1980, at the age of 29, has just experienced her Saturn Return and is still in the throes of learning the lessons this authoritarian return always portends to each and every one of us, granting no clemency—or privacy—whatsoever to celebrities.

On the night of the “accident”, Venus exactly conjoined Elin’s natal Uranus in the 7th house of marriage in her Solar Chart. I have, as yet, no birth time for Elin, but this conjunction is nevertheless a dramatically eloquent picture of what she experienced that night—an altercation with her mate involving her values and who she loves. Elin is not a namby pamby sort of person. Saturn in her birthchart squares her Moon and Mercury. This configuration in astrology is called a T-Square, and it’s a very dynamic formation. So when her Saturn Return came along it activated not only her natal Saturn, ruler of her Capricorn Sun, and determiner of her reality, but it pulled her Moon (emotions) and Mercury (thinking processes) into the equation, precipitating a showdown with her famous mate.

As if that were not characteristic enough of what is lately occurring for this couple, during this time when Elin is experiencing the tests of her Saturn Return, transiting Uranus is opposing her Saturn and squaring her Moon/Mercury opposition. Moon opposite Mercury is not the happiest configuration in a birthchart, for it implies a dichotomy between one’s emotions and one’s thinking—a sort of see-saw effect between these two components of one’s psychological makeup. And being squared (challenged) by Uranus is bound to feel extremely discomfiting.

Whatever else may have occurred in the privacy of their home and the more-or-less public altercation in their driveway, this assuredly was not the first time their intimacy issues had been addressed somewhat heatedly; it seems, on the contrary, to have merely been the culmination of a great deal of distress that the couple has been undergoing.

Let’s return to Tiger’s chart for a moment: Solar Eclipses, as you know, are great witnesses of what a person is experiencing during the confines of its influence—usually a six-month period. Last July’s Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Cancer fell within a degree on Tiger Woods’ natal Saturn in Leo—the ruler of his Capricorn Sun, and it opposed his natal Mercury in Capricorn. At the time of the Eclipse, Uranus conjoined his 7th house cusp (marriage) and squared his restless Moon in Sagittarius. Uranus also trined his natal Venus in Scorpio. This marriage has been undergoing stress for some time; it didn’t all of a sudden erupt in the driveway of their home last Friday.

That Solar Eclipse, as it happens, also squared Woods’ progressed Ascendant at 29 degrees of Libra, and the Ascendant in his last Solar Return at precisely the same degree (an occurrence which astonished me!). In that Solar Return, by the way, the notorious and unsettling opposition of Saturn and Uranus fell across the 5th/11th axis of his chart. Uranus occupies the 5th house of "love given" while Saturn occupies the 11th house of "love received". Get the picture? This guy does not feel that his needs are being met. And all the rest of the planets in the Solar Return chart are confined between that Saturn/Uranus opposition, making it even more prominent in its importance as his Solar year progresses.

What about the upcoming Solar Eclipse in January at 25 degrees of Capricorn? Well, as luck would have it, it falls precisely on Woods’ natal Mercury. He’s got some hard decisions to make, and they’re already showing up in his awareness.

Last July's Solar Eclipse fell in Elin’s Solar 4th house and the upcoming January Eclipse falls in her Solar 10th house, indicating the public examination of her private life and her ground of being. To say the very least, this is not an easy time for either Elin or Tiger Woods.

Furthermorfe, there are strong intimations in their cross-chart connections that Elin was meant to be a “teacher” to Tiger by virtue of her natal Saturn occupying his 1st house, close to the Ascendant. This predictably restraining influence was offset at the beginning of their relationship by the dreamy quality of her Neptune falling on his Moon (his ideal of what a woman should be) as well as her natal Uranus conjoining his Venus in Scorpio and her Venus in his 5th house squaring his natal Uranus. Those animating connections seemed oh, so lovely—at the beginning. But now the lessons of Elin’s Saturn have stepped up to the tee and are more dominant, obscuring the dreamy and exciting quality of her Neptune/Uranus connections to his chart.  It’s no wonder they want to be alone to sort things out in privacy.  They have a lot of soul-searching to do.

In closing, here is the revealing description of Tiger Woods' Birth Card in the Book of Destiny:

The Ace of Hearts Person
The Search for Love Card

The meaning of the Ace of Hearts, the first card in the deck, is the 'desire for love'. However, the desire for money is also present because of the Ace of Diamonds Karma Card. People with this birth card have strong spiritual inclinations, but they are often 'tempted' off the path by indecision and their hidden desires. More than other cards, they can have high success by turning this indecision into creativity and many become accomplished ... in fields where they are highly paid for their creative efforts. At the same time, they need to be careful and not let themselves get stretched too far or in too many directions, which could cause great stress and physical problems. In any case, they need some variety in the work that they do. All are Capricorns so their work is important along with a desire to achieve something of importance in this life. Much difficulty in later life is avoided if and when they turn their interests towards metaphysics. If they do focus their attention on finding spiritual meaning, their last years will be the most satisfying of their entire life.
They are often restless souls whose changing values will be one of the greatest crosses they bear. They should avoid a tendency towards fickleness and promiscuity if they are ever to find the peace of mind and heart they are seeking. Finding an outlet for selfless giving brings them the highest rewards.

Some of the Ace of Hearts Issues Concerning Relationships

The Ace of Hearts is embarking on a new adventure and seeking out love experiences at every turn. They are emotionally restless and can have changing values that cause consequential changes in their romantic lives. They usually enjoy the company of 'women of means' and are generally well liked by all. If one is considering a relationship with an Ace of Hearts, it would be wise to realize that unless the Ace of Hearts is aware of him or herself to a great deal, it is likely that they will not be around for long. Ace of Hearts can also be very selfish and concerned only with their own needs. To be happy, an Ace of Hearts would probably need a relationship that had some variety of shared experiences, good communications and opportunities to travel. These would help satisfy all of the creative and restless urges that are part of the Ace of Hearts pattern.

I shall have more to say about both Tiger Woods' and Elin Woods' Book of Destiny Cards in a future post.
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