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As relieved as John and Reve Walsh must be now that the murderer of their 6-year-old son Adam has finally been revealed, we know that Adam Walsh’s legacy lives on.  Because of his son’s tragic fate, John Walsh became an activist who has transformed the search for missing children. Countless families have benefited from Walsh’s efforts. It is therefore worth considering that Adam’s death and his father’s activism were not accidental, but destined by a higher power to serve a greater purpose.

Be that as it may, I found it interesting to view John Walsh’s chart to see why the mystery of Adam’s death should be solved at this particular moment in time—twenty-seven years after his disappearance.

John Walsh is a Capricorn, with Moon in Libra. Those born during the third quarter phase of the Moon, as John was, according to astrologer Buz Myers, “live a life of constant disruption. Third quarter phase people feel responsibility is thrown onto them. They are accustomed to taking responsibility so they take it away from others, trying to do it all. They don’t trust anyone else but themselves to do things.  Third quarter people usually are important or famous.” This seems a well-founded description of John Walsh.

Furthermore, using Walsh’s Noontime chart, since I have no time of birth, I find that he has Aries rising, which seems curiously indicative of John’s fate—that of the warrior! Thus, the chart is ruled by Mars—which we find posited in John’s Fifth House of children, along with Pluto. Given the nature of Adam’ Walsh’s death, how apt that the planets representing violence (Mars) and death (Pluto) should occupy this part of his father’s chart!

How apropos, too, that yesterday, when convicted murderer Otis Toole was finally revealed as Adam’s killer, ending the anguish of John and Reve Walsh’s 27-year-long quest for justice, the transiting Sun exactly conjoined Walsh’s Venus (values), and Mercury, the  Winged Messenger, had just passed over his Sun, while transiting Jupiter (enlightenment), was opposing his Saturn/Mars midpoint, and progressed Jupiter squared that point in his chart as well. Squares bring action.

In addition, the progressed Moon, moving through Walsh’s Tenth House of public image   and destiny, is exactly opposing his progressed Saturn—representing the Full Moon—the phase of completion.

One rationale for believing that destiny dictated this family tragedy, is that Pluto has been hovering over John Walsh’s nodal axis—the axis of Karma. It would seem that John Walsh has fulfilled his Karmic debt. His life—and that of his son Adam-- have made a huge contribution to society.

We are all deeply indebted to them.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, December 15, 2008

Okay, you want to know (I know you do!) who’s going to be the next Senator from New York, replacing the vacated seat of the future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (Hmm, we don’t hear much about the Rodham anymore, do we?).

Oh, yes….the Kennedy dynasty lives!  Caroline Kennedy has expressed an interest in the job. Can she be denied?  I don’t think so. 

Here’s why: Today, as we are hearing all the hullabaloo about Kennedy, the Sun and Mars, (the latter being the planet of ambition and implementation), have just crossed over Kennedy’s Ascendant (her persona) and both are in close conjunction with her natal Mercury (thinking processes, communications, contracts).

Oh, but Jupiter (the planet of reaching out, sharing, good fortune) squares (challenges) her Tenth House Jupiter (good fortune).  (Ooooh, no!)  But not to worry, folks!  Jupiter, the major Fairy Godmother of the zodiac) today also conjuncts her natal Venus (the minor Fairy Godmother of the zodiac) in her Second house of self worth.  No matter what anyone else thinks, Ms. Kennedy privately is definitely of the opinion that occupying that not-yet-vacated-Senate seat, is a pretty darned good idea!

Furthermore, as the fates would have it, the Moon, even as Star Lady speaks, conjoins Kennedy’s natal Uranus (read breakthrough), which I interpret to mean that whatever discussions have been going on behind the scenes, everyone (read Democrats) has  now come to a mutual understanding and agreement.

Oh, yes, make no mistake, my friends. The legacy of John F. Kennedy lives on in his daughter Caroline Kennedy—the next Senator of New York—and she's not even a carpet bagger! Wow!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, December 05, 2008

Today is the day that the judge sentences O. J. Simpson to prison from six years to life.  Examining his chart’s progressions and the transits to it, we find discouraging energy (progressed Mars exactly conjunct his natal Sun in Cancer), and encouraging energy (transiting Uranus trining his natal Sun). Transiting Uranus, however, is also opposing his progressed Sun—which rules his chart, by virtue of his having Leo rising, and Pluto, having moved into the sign of Capricorn on the 26th of November opposes his natal Venus.

From these mixed indications, it seems to me that he will not receive either the worst sentence—life, or the best sentence—six years.  Transiting Jupiter opposes his natal Mercury…whatever news he receives today will be hard for him to take. Based on the indications I’ve mentioned, I believe he will receive a comparatively stiff sentence.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In case you missed viewing the conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in the sky these past few evenings, Here they are, smiling at you!

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