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The Sun moves into Pisces today. Discover the opportunities the Pisces Cycle of Release offers all of us here. Happy birthday to all Pisces Sun Signs! Here is your birthday affirmation and here is the Tarot affirmation for Pisces. What is your age according to Beverlee's Tarot discovery?  View your Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Tiger here.

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Greater love hath no man than he relinquish his kingdom for the love of the woman of his dreams.  This, King Edward VIII of Great Britain, did. In point of fact, he literally gave up everything for Wallis Simpson. One would think this should qualify Edward and Wallis’s love story as the greatest of the 20th Century.  But was it?

I have recently been reading “King Edward VIII”, his official biography, by Philip Ziegler, which describes King Edward more definitively than any biography I have previously read about King Edward VIII. (And I've read many.) 

No doubt this is because Ziegler was granted unlimited access by Great Britain's current regent—Queen Elizabeth II—to the  Royal Archives, containing King Edward’s personal records and correspondence—sources not available to previous historians.

King Edward VIII, better known to us as the Duke of Windsor—the title conferred upon him at his abdication—was not a happy man. Not ever. He suffered, throughout his entire lifetime, in varying degrees, from clinical depression. I would even go so far as to say that he was a paranoid schizophrenic, but I am not qualified as a psychologist, so you must take that opinion with a grain of salt.   However, I can state this catagorically: Nothing seemed to please him for very long. Nor could he “find” himself—ever.

In fact, King Edward's melancholy eyes, pleading for acceptance, to me seem reminiscent of a dog whose frame of mind is stuck on “beg”. He literally lived his life begging for acceptance—for who he was, or, more accurately, for who he wanted to be—an acceptance that was but seldom granted him.

Nor was Edward a particularly intelligent man, according to his school records. Furthermore, his diaries, while at Oxford University, are rife with complaints about how much he loathed his time there.  His one great strength, it appears, was his overwhelming charm—virtually everyone who met him—from classmates to government officials—described him as “charming”.  Inside, sadly, he was empty.

In his intimate relationships, King Edward yearned for “mothering”—an attitude typical of his Sun sign—Cancer. Cancer energy is all about feelings, nurturance, "the mother". The Cancer native’s inborn inclination inevitably, is either to be the giver of nurturing or to be the recipient of nurturing.

Reminder: The strengths and weaknesses depicted by our natal chart describe merely our possibilities. It is our choices in life, on the other hand, that actually describe our history—that which some call our “fate”.

Edward’s inclination was to fall desperately in love with women who were essentially unobtainable. The loves of his life, from a very early age, were always married women. Psychologists attribute this proclivity in a man—it's virtually a psychological cliché—to a lack of love from his mother in his early years (whether perceived or real).

One of the earliest and most important of these unobtainable loves for Edward was Freda Dudley Ward—who was married at the tender age of 19 (prenatal Eclipse return), unhappily, to a man sixteen years her senior. Alas! By the time Edward met Freda, she was ripe for the picking—to coin a phrase—because she and her husband had gone their separate ways. We call it, in our century, for want of a better term: "leading parallel lives".

Edward, upon meeting her, was instantly smitten with the beautiful, graceful Mrs. Dudley Ward. And she reciprocated his feelings—at first.  But eventually, after four years of "mothering" him, she wearied of their hopeless relationship. Bored by his "neediness" and "clingyness", she insisted that their love affair be reduced to “just friends” status. In spite of this, evidently because of his Cancerian "neediness"  syndrome, their relationship persisted for more than fifteen years until.....

Enter Wallis Simpson!  Once again, a familiar pattern—a married woman, ostensibly unobtainable. But the already twice-wed Wallis Simpson was not of the familiar genre of married women! Far from it.  Deep down, and apparently cleverly disguised to all but the most discerning, Wallis Simpson was the transcendent social climber.  Moreover, from their first meeting, Wallis Simpson was so captivated by her association with the Prince of Wales that she was determined to do everything in her power to promote their relationship.  She need have had no fear in that regard.  But let us examine the connections between their two astrological birthcharts to see why I say this.

Wallis Simpson had a stellium in Gemini—five planets in that sign—her Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Pluto—were all in the sign of Gemini—the sign of salesmanship, and—dare I say it—artful deceit (A trait eerily replicated by her BOD Card—the Jack of Clubs). Furthermore, her transormational Pluto, as it turns out, sits upon King Edward's natal Neptune, and her Mercury/Neptune conjunction sits exactly upon his natal Jupiter in his 5th house of romance. Bingo! With those delicious Neptunian connections—the signature of idealization—Wallis Simpson, not to put too fine a point upon it, had King Edward VIII—or David (as he was called en famille), by the short hair right from the very beginning of their relationship.

But Neptune is also about dissolution, isn’t it? I can hear you asking. Yes!  You are absolutely right!  And that’s why we must look for Saturn connections between their two charts which might offer the possibility of longevity in their relationship. Oh, boy!  We’ve got not one, but two Saturn cross-chart connections. Wallis Simpson’s Moon in Libra falls upon David’s 8th house Saturn, and her Saturn falls upon his 9th house Uranus.

Saturn conjunctions across charts, as I’ve noted here more than once, almost always give a relationship its long-term promise. Why?  Well, my dears, it is because there are lessons to be learned from Saturn. And it usually takes a lifetime together to learn these lessons.

Nor, frankly, was I at all surprised to discover that their respective Book of Destiny Cards describe their situation precisely.  In fact, I was very pleased to note that the Duke of Windsor’s card—the 7 of Clubs—correlates so perfectly with Wallis Simpson’s card—the Jack of Clubs. Read about the Duke’s BOD cards here and Wallis Simpson’s BOD Cards here. You will be amazed by their accuracy!

Now let's turn to their wedding date: June 3, 1937. At that time, the King was experiencing his Uranus opposition exactly—a transit often auguring a life-changing event at the very least, and more commonly a mid-life crisis. In addition, the transiting Moon was on his 2nd house Mars (Emotion! Anger! Resources!) The Duke of Windsor, as he was now known, fought a tenacious but losing battle with his family and the government for the rest of his life in an effort to secure more favorable financial settlements.

Transiting Pluto, astonishingly, was in a precise conjunction with the Duke of Windsor's natal Mercury (his thinking processes) in—of course—his 7th house of marriage! Transiting Saturn fell on that day on his progressed North Node—one’s direction in life—again in his 2nd house of personal resources, value system, and feelings of self-worth. (Transformation regarding his personal resources, etc.)

Interestingly, on their wedding day, the Sun was precisely upon Wallis Simpson’s natal Pluto (power, transformation) in her 4th house (home, family, foundation, the end of the matter), while the Moon, Saturn, and Venus also plagued her 2nd house of resources, values, and feelings of self-worth. Whilst he begged his family and the British government for the rest of their married life for what he felt was their due, she bitched about his failure to get  it!) Saturn! Saturn! Saturn!

Mercury and Uranus were also transiting her 3rd house of contracts—which, essentially, is what marriage amounts to—a legal and binding contract between a couple.  Transiting Jupiter and Pluto were squaring (challenging) her Moon (emotions) and Mars (ambition) was moving over her natal Uranus (the unexpected) in her 9th house (Persons from other cultures). 

This certainly symbolized a breakthrough for Wallis Simpson,  but at the same time, it represented a revolutionary event for the British Royal family as well as the entire nation.

The transiting Sun, meanwhile, conjoined the Duke of Windsor's 4th house (home, family, end of the matter) Neptune/Pluto conjunction (idealistic transformation). OMG! this transit alone is so indicative of his fateful choice at that exact moment!

Transiting Jupiter had just passed over the Duke of Windsor's Capricorn Ascendant and opposed his natal Mercury (thinking, contracts) across the 1st/7th Me/Thee axis of his chart making him very enthusiastic about his decision to renounce the throne in favor of "the woman I love", as he put it in his farewell address to the nation.

I must note here that by virtue of the the Duke's Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn rules his entire chart, which adds further emphasis to his cross-chart Saturn connections with Wallis Simpson. And his natal Saturn resides in his 8th house of sexuality and shared assets—the instant and on-going problems of this relationship.

Because, you see, for the remainder of his life, as I mentioned earlier,the Duke of Windsor sparred acrimoniously with his family over financial matters and continued to beg his younger brother Albert (King George VI, who assumed the throne upon his abdication), for the right of his wife to be called "Her Royal Highness". This plea, though ongoing, was never granted and thus created a schism between him and his family.

King George, his wife (Elizabeth—mother to the current Queen Elizabeth), and  Edward and George's mother, Queen Mary, wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Wallis Simpson! They detested  "that woman", so much that they refused to even see her, and in this they were supported by the British government, headed by Stanley Baldwin and including Winston Churchill (who had been a close and admiring friend of the young Edward, but who later, greatly disappointed in him, was to become his staunchest adversary).

In fact, the first person in the Duke of Windsor’s family to be kind enough to welcome Wallis Simpson (the Duchess of Windsor) back into the country was Queen Elizabeth II—and this was only shortly before the Duke’s death.

The Duke of Windsor died an embittered exile, totally estranged from his family.

The stars incline; but clearly, our choices decide our "fate".

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I keep reading over and over Agnes DeMille’s “Martha”, the biography of modern dance pioneer Martha Graham.  I read it with two horoscopes in hand, pondering the question, “Is it possible that our granddaughter Erin, who was born on Martha Graham’s birthday, and who loves to dance, will become a famous dancer, too?”

Of course, deep down in my heart of hearts I admit that this is probably only a fond grandmotherly fantasy, which is why I call it a whimsy.  But I must also add that there are a number  of eerie similarities between the two. Martha Graham had an imperious, unyielding manner about her; Erin’s manner (at least at 4 ½ years old) seems to be heading in the same direction, alas!  Martha Graham had a formidable temper; ditto Erin. Martha Graham’s mother was of the “Stage Door Mother” variety; ditto Erin's.

However, since we are talking astrology here, why don’t we compare their two charts: Both are Taureans, known for their stubborn persistence in accomplishing their ambitions. Martha’s Moon is in Leo; Erin has a Leo Ascendant. These natal positions, in accordance with my observations, are remarkably equivalent in their manifestation of seeking center-stage at all times.

Martha has Mars in the 10th house, which often produces skilled and accomplished athletes. Martha Graham’s form of dance, original with her, was extremely athletic in scope. She could perform astonishing physical feats that no one else (or few others) could accomplish. Mars also represents one’s ambition and drive; finding it in the 10th house always shows a pronounced yearning for success in whatever milieu one chooses to pursue.

Erin, on the other hand, while she does not have Mars in the 10th house of career and ambition, has her Midheaven in Aries—which is ruled by Mars; moreover, she has a strongly aspected Mars since it conjoins her natal Uranus--the breakthrough planet.

What Erin does have in the 10th house, however, which correlates with Martha's quest for success, are her Sun, Mercury and Venus (ruler of her Taurus Sun).  These placements easily echo Martha’s ambitious 10th house Mars.

Martha’s chart, with Gemini on the Ascendant, is ruled by Mercury which is also in the sign of Taurus, so it is displaced by her Sun. However, since both Martha’s Sun and ruling planet are in the 12th house of what is hidden, her talent took a very long time to emerge, be recognized, and rewarded. While she is the legendary icon of modern dance, this achievement did not come to her easily and it cost her dearly in her personal and physical life.

So Erin may very well have the edge on Martha with her Sun, Mercury and Venus posited in the 10th house of reputation and direction in life. 

Finally, I notice with interest, while comparing their two charts, that they have another startling similarity.  You remember, perhaps, that the zero Aries point implies fame?  Well, Martha and Erin both have a one degree Aries point—close enough to the zero Aries point to confer fame.  Their Aries points are both found in their midpoints. Martha Graham had her Mars/Midheaven midpoint at 1 degree of Aries.  Erin has her Sun/Midheaven midpoint at 1 degree of  Aries. Note that both midpoints involve the Midheaven-—one's direction in life.

Erin, you go, girl! Gramma believes in you!

Moving right along to my next astrological whimsy, what would you say if I were to suggest that we might have another “O” as President?  You know the “O” I mean—Oprah, of course!  No, wait a minute!  Let me tell you why I’m proposing my theory.

Do you remember my mentioning in a post last month that the planet Pluto (yes, planet!) represents blacks?  And that Pluto in Capricorn represents transformation in government? Well, as you know, we now have a black U.S. President. Who’s to say that Oprah doesn’t fit the same category?  And didn’t she say she’s leaving her talk show in 2011?  Think about it, folks!

Okay!  Now let’s get to the astrology part of my theory.  Listen, I assure you that I’ve examined every possible candidate’s chart for an indication of who (so far, at least) may be seeking the Presidency in 2012 without finding anyone's chances as promising as Oprah’s. 

Here is my reasoning: On the day of the 2012 presidential election transiting Mercury will be exactly on Oprah’s natal Moon (the public), at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. And she’s having her Jupiter Return that year—the beginning of a 12-year cycle of prosperity and abundance. Lest we forget, she's a billionaire; she could throw a lot of money into her campaign.

Transiting Uranus is within two degrees of her progressed Sun (representing where she has evolved during her lifetime) at that time and transiting Neptune is exactly conjunct her Part of Fortune.  Her Secondary Progressed Moon will have entered her 2nd house of self-esteem, having just passed over Chiron and her North Node—the direction one is supposed to be heading in this lifetime.

True, Venus and Pluto are in square aspect (challenge!) to one another, and both are aspecting her Midheaven (reputation, authority, and direction in life); but who ever said that being President (or trying to become President) isn’t challenging? More to the point, Venus is getting ready to cross over her Midheaven.

In addition, on the day of the election, the Moon (representing the public) is approaching a conjunction with Oprah’s natal Uranus, ruler of her Aquarius Sun, in the 7th house of the public. Transiting Mars is coming to a conjunction with her progressed Mars and within the following few months she’ll be experiencing her second Saturn Return—payoff time! Remember, Saturn has oft been called “the Lord of Karma”.

Meanwhile, her Progressed Venus occupies the 4th house of “the end of the matter” in horary astrology, while her Solar Arc Directed Moon, also occupying her 2nd house of self-esteem, is coming to a conjunction with her natal Venus; and her Solar Arc Directed Mercury also occupies the 4th house of the end of the matter, new beginnings.

You may call these two astrological theories of mine whimsical if you like. All I ask is that you remember where you heard them first if they should just happen to prove otherwise!

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Happy February—the month for lovers! Speaking of lovers, do you know what kind of lover you are according to your Sun sign? You can find out here.  Also, I have posted the February Ephemeris and Calendar here for those of you who like to keep track of what’s going on in the heavens.

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