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Astrologers today commonly use 5 asteroids:
Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena, and Vesta.

Chiron is a BRIDGE between what Saturn and Uranus stand for, between the old and the new.  Chiron requires that a person do his homework regarding the old, then take that knowledge to a new level to set a different kind of standard than has been used before.  Chiron at its best has mastered the essentials and inner workings of the old, and is now an elegant innovator and intuitive masterful troubleshooter.  In so doing, Chiron can be extremely charismatic and attention-getting.  There is a fresh and immediate quality of presence when Chiron is operating at its best that’s fun to act out and very attractive to others.

However, Chiron can be counted on to spot what’s wrong, to go into continuous improvement or fix-it mode, and if others are not open to this, or if both parties don’t have a fine-tuned intuitive sense of truth and fairness, generosity of spirit, and practical sense of what could actually work, the other will balk at the Chiron person’s presence, the Chiron person being a gadfly and constant irritation to the comfortable status quo.  The Chiron person in relationship does best to focus on his own projects and not give unsolicited advice, going his own way and demonstrating successful approaches by example.Like Uranus, Chiron succeeds by being unconventional and brilliant, needs to find niches and mentors that honor and showcase those qualities rather than those who feel threatened so try to squelch them.

In order to succeed, Chiron needs to fully understand the history and fundations of a subject, and why what he’s doing is an improvement on what went before.  Chiron dreams freely, and the sky’s the limit on the Chiron imagination and intuition for possibilities that work.  Chiron is able to weave together many elements and diverse influences to coordinate pet projects and productions.

Check a person’s natal Chiron sign and house to see what fascinates him, where he can be charismatic and make an innovative contribution, thus facinating others with what fascinates him.  Chiron will create controversy, though, and sometimes deliberately provokes it, gadfly-style again.
Chiron in the 10th house, for example, can enjoy an early and continued success before the public and even fame; he will have a charismatic style others will admire.  In this same connection, check the person’s Jupiter and Mars signs for vision and talent (Jupiter) and Mars (for modus operandi and HOW he does things).

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer,” and there is often one or more major wounds or traumas around the sign and/or house of Chiron in a person’s chart.  There can be decades between such wounds, so no one can afford to become complacent or arrogant in these areas.  Getting over the wound or trauma may involve realizing one’s spiritual identity beyond worldly personality and ego, winning at a soul level while losing externally, and only later over time coming into one’s own authority in the world in a particular subject area or niche.

Chiron by conjunction in relationship synastry can bring great attraction and common interests, then sudden, inexplicable and bizarre reversals - the potential for mutual growth is enormous if the parties don’t destroy each other and themselves in the process.  The Chiron person may have keys to the others’ healing, but again demonstrates best by example since the other may not welcome the pressure involved in being put on the spot to change.

Chiron very close to the Ascendant in relocation charts can be severe regarding health matters, and may be problematic when tightly close to the other relocated chart wheel angles as well.

Of all four angles of the chart, Chiron seems to function best on the MC, from my informal observation.

Chiron by transit can bring about openings and opportunities, and/or bizarre reversals.

The Chiron return arrives at age 50, bringing for many a pinnacle of achievement, authority, boldness, and charisma.  50 is also the average age of menopause and beginning of crone status for women.  The Chiron return often coincides with “openings” into new interests and abilities that can be pursued freely without inhibitions that might have pervaded earlier years.
The symbol for Chiron is in the shape of a KEY, a key that helps to unlock the mysteries of life at last, demonstrating both love and power, grounded in Spirit and simple truth.  Much of the power of Chiron is contained in power of simplicity and elegance, practice and mastery.  Chiron shows a determined seeking and persistence until the needed openings are found, created, and the gateway is unlocked.

There are almost always aspects involving natal or transiting Chiron in death, especially unexpected deaths or unusual circumstances surrounding a death, as well as for the spirit and loved ones soon following a death.

Ceres is the “Earth mother,” largest of the major asteroids, and relates to nourishment and nurturing, helping to bring comfort.  Comfort, emotional safety, unconditional love, and giving space to be, feel, learn and grow are major themes of Ceres.  Ceres acts like a combined  Taurus/Cancer/Venus/Moon influence.  Ceres is nearly always auspicious and helpful to self and others in no matter what configuration we find it, pointing to where (by house) and how (by sign) we nurture and nourish ourselves in life, and where and how we expertly nurture and nourish others.

Ceres conjunctions and midpoints in synastry enhance the quality of any kind of relationship due to the desire of the Ceres person to provide comfort, patience, and unconditional love to another.
Ceres in relocation astrology points to places to raise or work with children, families, the ill or elderly, social welfare and well-being, grow gardens, or be involved in agriculture, animals, farming.

Juno asteroid relates to marriage, partnership and collaboration.  Like Venus, Juno by sign can tell us some of the qualities one prefers in close associates, and by house, where and how we’re likely to find these people.  Juno will insist on one’s own personal empowerment in relationships, wanting respect, dignity, reciprocity, and basic underlying equality between persons regardless of roles in life.

Juno conjunctions and midpoints in synastry provide points of attraction and greater likelihood of long-term collaboration.

Juno in relocation astrology points to places where potential partners and collaborators reside or are “from” (where they were born, grew up, or lived for a long time).

The asteroid Pallas Athena has to do with wisdom, intuitive development, a balance of intuition and logic.  Pallas works with strategizing, planning, goal-setting on all levels from the intuitive to the mundane, from short-term to long-term achievement of goals and manifestation.  Pallas relates to science, especially the genetic code, biotechnology, and psychology.  Pallas may have a larger role to play in future astrology as genetic medicine and science take on a larger role in our lives.
Pallas may also deal with sexual intimacy between women, as seen by aspect and synastry.

I’ve not seen Pallas be useful in relocation astrology unless a person is in the field of genetics or specializes in strategy and planning.

Vesta asteroid is the “keeper of the flame,” guardian of the truth and other spiritual and cultural values.  Vesta is of special importance to “old souls” who have a sense of mission and purpose, who “hold the space” or “create a context” for what is of great value.
In synastry, Vesta is a comfortable hearth of gentle warmth and good feelings, supporting purpose.  In relocation astrology, I’ve observed that old souls like to be on their Vesta local space or MC lines, feel a sense of mission and purpose there, as well as a warm fuzzy enjoyment of the little things in life.

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