POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After watching President Bush’s State of the Union address last evening I looked at his birthchart and was interested to see a most amazing coincidence (if, indeed, there can be any coincidences in Astrology!) Last evening, as he spoke to the nation, the Moon, transiting at 26 degrees of Libra, exactly conjoined his progressed Jupiter, and Jupiter, transiting at 9 degrees of Capricorn exactly conjoined his progressed Moon! That seems to mirror, doubly, his moment of exuberant sharing (Jupiter) with the public (the Moon).

I had also happened to catch President Bush’s interview with Bret Baier on Fox News on Sunday evening, and was touched to hear the President relate how he identified with President Abraham Lincoln. I can certainly understand that sentiment on his part. I had been thinking the same thing over the past year as I read Shelby Foote’s remarkable trilogy on the Civil War, as well as two biographies of Lincoln. 

Wartime Presidents have a great cross to bear. No one likes war--least of all parents and spouses of the young men and women who go into harm’s way at the direction of the President. Accordingly, there is a great deal of controversy and venom during the tenure of presidents presiding over a war. The ugliness and the venomous diatribes against the president was no different during Lincoln’s term of office than it has been during Bush’s. Undoubtedly, I shall not be around when the final critique of Bush’s legacy is totted up. So I must say now that I believe his contribution to our country will rank much higher than many of his contemporaries believe.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In today’s close race between Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney in Florida’s Republican Primary, I believe Romney may come out slightly ahead. Here’s why I think so: The transiting Sun conjoins his 10th House Venus and the Moon, at 8 degrees of Scorpio this evening exactly conjoins his 6th House Chiron (the wounded healer). Furthermore, the upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 6th falls in his 10th house, creating a turning point for him.

Examining McCain’s chart, on the other hand, we find that Moon in Scorpio squaring his 10th House Mars (drive, ambition), although it does form a friendly sextile with his natal Virgo Sun. But this friendly aspect is offset by the transiting Sun opposing that 10th house Mars, the Moon opposing his 7th House Uranus (surprises) and Mercury, the ruler of his Virgo Sun. having turned retrograde yesterday.  We’ll see.  I’m a little reluctant to forecast winners in these primaries, having flunked and been subdued by Hillary’s win in New Hampshire’s primary when I had predicted a loss, based on my analysis of her chart. I can hear those crows circling!

You know, just off the top of my head, I wouldn’t be surprised if McCain and Romney teamed up as the eventual Republican candidates for President and Vice President, based on McCain’s Virgo Sun and Romney’s Pisces Sun being in opposition—which often forms an attraction. Again, we’ll have to wait and see.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, January 27, 2008

Although I haven’t been paying any attention to the print or electronic media’s views on the Presedential Primaries lately, the other day, curious about who would win the South Carolina Democratic Primary, I ran transits to Clinton’s and Obama’s birthcharts. No contest. It was clear that Obama would win. Why?  The Moon, my friends. The Moon represents the public, remember?

At the end of the day The Moon, at 01 degree of Libra fell in Obama’s 11th house of rewards for one’s career, also the house of groups and goals. It therefore trined Obama’s natal Moon at 00 degrees of Gemini as well as his natal Jupiter at 00 degrees of Aquarius (btw, combining communication's house with Jupiter’s tendency toward excess, we may assume that Obama comes by exaggeration naturally!)  Be that as it may, the Moon was forming a grand trine with his natal Moon and Jupiter indicating good fortune for him as the polls closed.

Clinton’s chart, on the other hand, had no support whatsoever from the transiting Moon as it opposed her natal moon from the bottom of the chart—the end of the matter in horary astrology. And this combined with all the other negatives from the transiting planets, boded ill for her chances of winning.

Believe it or not, I had intended to post this prediction before the results of the Primary were in, but got distracted by my grandmotherly activities. Anyway, as my darling husband quipped—when I told him at dinner last night that I knew Obama would win in South Carolina—“It’s much easier to predict after the fact!”  He’s got a point there!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, January 25, 2008

Are you ready to add more structure, discipline and conservative values to your life? Then I have good news for you—these are some of the manifestations of Pluto, the planet of Transformation, moving into the traditionalist, industrious and authoritarian sign of Capricorn.  You can hop aboard the train to conventional behavior now or wait for Pluto to reach out and grab you by the scruff of the neck—as he has a habit of doing to the recalcitrant—and carry you into the future kicking and screaming. It’s always your choice, you know! In any event, we’ve all got fifteen years to do the work that Pluto in Capricorn requires of us.

Sagittarians will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief as Pluto leaves their sign where he has been transiting since 1995. Anyone who has the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in their birthchart in the sign of Sagittarius has undergone enormous transformation  during the past thirteen years, and a great deal of the transformation—because unfortunately, as a culture we are, by nature, reluctant to move forward—has been unpleasant. And wherever Pluto has been transiting in your birthchart is where you’ve been expected to transmute your ideas and habits.

We need not look only to ourselves, but the world outside to recognize the changes—some might say progress—that have taken place during Pluto’s transit through the sign of Sagittarius. Pluto, first and foremost, in my opinion, represents how we wield power—for better or worse. It is where we go deep inside ourselves and confront our strengths and weaknesses and learn to live with them. The sign of Sagittarius represents honor, principle, metaphysics, spiritual beliefs, religion, education and knowledge and people of other cultures.  It also represents the law (just think of the revision and distortions we’ve observed in the law over the past thirteen years during Pluto’s transit through this sign of excess, due to its rulership being  the planet Jupiter. You need look no further than the consideration of the trials of O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Robert Blake, to cite a few examples of how excess has ruled in the matter of the law.

In addition, during Pluto’s transit through the sign of Sagittarius since 1995, we have observed tumult in the area of ethnic diversity, as well as religious power and beliefs. Consider the events of September 11th, 2001. Consider the coming to light of the horrifying abuse of children by Catholic Priests. The war we’re involved in today is an attempt to address these issues which really stem from the misuse of power in government as well as religion. Moreover, I believe the intensity of what we’ve been experiencing during the past few years has very much to do with the fact that Pluto has recently passed over the Galactic Center.

So now as Pluto moves out of the sign of excess, it comes abruptly up against the concept of restraint, since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the disciplinarian of the Zodiac. You know, I find it truly magical, the way the planets are aligned so as to carry us forward, in their reflection, in such perfect order. 

Interestingly, as Pluto moves into Capricorn, it has been preceded by the two so-called “Fairy Godmothers” of the Zodiac—Jupiter (known by ancients as the “Greater Benefic") and Venus (the “Lesser Benefic”). Shall we assume, then, that Pluto, traveling in the company of such beneficence, will bestow good things upon us? Well, we can only hope!

So now we need to look at wherever we have the sign of Capricorn in our birthcharts in order to anticipate where the transformation (benefic or otherwise!) Pluto is going to introduce us to will take place. I have looked at the chart of the United States as a matter of interest to see how we can expect our nation to be impacted by Pluto’s move out of Sagittarius into Capricorn. We find Pluto transiting the Second House of the Nation's chart. In mundane astrology the Second House represents wealth, banking, revenues, currency, treasury, and national income.

It appears that our country—(and others, as well), is precocious, because just this week we’ve seen both Democrats and Republicans step up to the plate in an attempt to avoid a national recession in view of the world Stock Markets having turned upside down in the past week.

Indeed, Pluto is busy at work already, correcting, adding structure to improvement in governmental administration and organization, which Capricorn represents. Again, in the Chart of the United States, the Moon, at the time of the movement of Pluto into Capricorn is exactly conjoining Neptune in the Eleventh House of counselors, associates, or allies, Congress, legislation affecting business and government, and international friendships.

So here’s something worth noting: the last time Pluto transited the sign of Capricorn, in 1762-1777, we saw rebellion against authority and disruption of political patterns—big time! The United States, as you may recall from your knowledge of history, was engaged in the Revolutionary War with England at that time.

While Pluto moves into Capricorn today, it will return briefly to Sagittarius (and that afore-mentioned Galactic Center) for another examination of power issues on June 14, 2008. Then on September 8, 2008, Pluto again turns direct at 28° 29' Sagittarius and heads toward Capricorn, reentering the sign of discipline and authority on November 28, 2008, where it will remain until 2023.

I have found the most exciting analysis of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn by astrologer Michael Lutin on YouTube. I encourage you to check it out.

As is to be expected, Pluto’s move into Capricorn will have a dramatic effect on Capricorn natives. In fact, even before it moves into Capricorn, I’ve noticed an intensified reaction in my husband, a Capricorn. His interactions with business contacts have amped up considerably over the past few weeks and can only be expected to increase incrementally as Pluto approaches his Tenth House Mercury in Capricorn.

As each of you will be experiencing the transformative quality of Pluto in Capricorn in some part of your birthchart, and as this can produce particularly potent and powerful changes in your life’s direction, I am offering a mini-analysis of how this move of Pluto into Capricorn will affect you personally. For only $9.95 I will examine Pluto’s place in your chart, and the aspects it makes to the rest of your chart and send you a mini-reading by email. To order, simply click on the icon just below and email me your birth data (Date, Place and Time of Birth).

POSTED BY BEVERLEE  January, 21, 2008

The February 6th Solar Eclipse, as astrologer/author Michele Adler points out in her interesting and thoroughly researched article about the 17/18 degree of Aquarius/Leo, is a particularly significant one. 

As you know, each of the houses in our birthchart represents a compartment of our life, and the house in which the Eclipse falls is where we inevitably experience a turning point, which occupies our time and attention for the following six months until the next Solar Eclipse.

The late astrologer Robert Carl Jansky, in his book “Interpreting the Eclipses”, claims that he was able to find the current core issue in a client’s life merely by knowing in which part of his or her birthchart the most recent Eclipse fell. From my experience with family, friends and clients, I can testify to his claim.

The closest planet to the February 6th Eclipse point is Mercury, which makes it the ruler of the Eclipse. As it happens, Mercury will be retrograding through the sign of Aquarius at the time of the Eclipse, so it, too, is affecting each of you personally in one of the houses of your birthchart, as it invites you to go back and rethink your position about the issues related to that compartment of your life.

If you wish to know how this Eclipse will affect you personally, and perhaps has already begun to affect you, since Eclipse energy begins to show up about a month prior to the actual Eclipse, I will be pleased to send you a personal Eclipse Reading detailing the effects of the February 6th Solar Eclipse on your birthchart for only $14.95. Included in your personal Eclipse Reading, you will receive my analysis of the current transits to your natal chart, as well as the Secondary Progression’s and the Solar Arc Direction’s influence. This is a bargain, my friends!

To order your personal Eclipse Reading, which I will write just for you, simply click on the icon below to pay with PayPal. Then email me your birth information (Name, date, place and time of birth). Please allow up to two days for me to prepare your Eclipse Reading.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I have an exciting new service to offer you: A thorough description of the eight lunar phases, telling exactly what they mean for you, personally, based on your own birthchart.

You see, the Moon triggers your awareness of what’s going on in your life. Timing comes directly from the Phases of the Moon.  The Moon is the closest body to the Earth.  It controls what you see and don‘t see. The phase that the Moon is in as it transits through your birthchart determines how you are going to deal with the lunar energy. The phases of the Moon  take you through life. You can begin to work on your personal issues within a 28-day cycle.  Each of the eight phases—which last approximately 3½ days—tells you when you’re ready to do something. All you have to do is look at things 3½ days at a time—not seven years at a time!

Understanding the Moon’s phases keeps you focused on the present.  It’s what you’re doing in this moment that’s important. You prepare yourself by being conscious of your situation every day as it evolves. Astrology’s cycles and phases teach you to stop predicting your life and start living it.  You don‘t need to control your astrological chart; you only need to experience it. And you can experience it in 3½ -day segments. Learning how to respond to life in 3½ day segments takes the stress out of living.  Using the Moon’s 28-day cycle helps you to become more conscious of what you’re doing.

Another benefit of observing the phases of the Moon as they move successively through the houses of your birthchart is that you are experiencing the symbolism of the houses and planets rather than simply intellectualizing their meanings.  Instead of merely looking at your chart to analyze it, suddenly you are actually living your chart in the real world.  It’s an exciting breakthrough.

I want to help attune you to these eight potent lunar phases. Therefore, I’m offering you a
30-page E-book, outlining the meaning of each of the eight phases of the Moon, based on what
I learned from the brilliant astrologer, Buz Myers. First, you’ll find out what each of the eight phases offers you in the way of timing. Next, you’ll discover what each house in a birthchart means. Finally, you will receive a personalized account of the dates of each of the eight phases of the Moon from the New Moon of January 8, 2008 through the Balsamic Moon of January 21, 2009.

I then outline for you exactly where each of these eight lunar phases falls in your personal birthchart, providing you with an effective key to timing your actions throughout the entire year. I will include your birthchart and a symbol key chart so you can follow along and see which  of your planets are triggered by each Moon phase. 

There is also space for you to journal your experiences along the way, which I encourage you to do, as it will further enhance your understanding of the significance of the eight lunar phases.

I’m offering this personalized, powerful lunar phase timing tool for only $29.95. Don’t wait!  Start the year off with an exciting new understanding of exactly how the Moon’s eight-phase cycle affects you personally! To order click on the icon below and email me your birth data (Date, place and time of birth).

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I can tell you one thing: The voters in New Hampshire don’t read my blogs, or else they were singularly unimpressed with my predictions, because despite the same negative aspects as she had during the Iowa Caucuses, and despite my prediction to the contrary, Clinton  did indeed come back to win the New Hampshire Democratic Primary. Color me confounded—along
with the pollsters and the television “Talking Heads”, who also doubted that Clinton would win in New Hampshire and placed their bets on Obama. So here we are, Wednesday morning  quarter-backing, standing out in left field, with egg on our collective faces, while Hillary marches on toward the White House.

I can’t speak for why the others were offbase in their predictions, and I can only guess at why astrology didn’t get it right—at least according to Clinton’s transits, when it was so right on with the other candidates performing according to their charts’ aspects.

I’m scratching my head and wondering whether it’s because Pluto, the ruler of Clinton’s Sun (Essence of Being), Mercury (Thinking and Communicating Processes) and Venus (Sense of Values), has been at the Galactic Center (the rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy in the  constellation Sagittarius), to which I’ve paid very little attention. Has this conjunction had the effect of skewing Clinton’s transits?  I haven’t a clue.  Have I ever mentioned that there are a million crows who  fly up out of the park behind my house every morning and return there to roost every evening? I've often watched them, without ever expecting to eat crow!

Perhaps I should have followed my friend Lorraine’s advice and looked at New Hampshire’s natal chart before making any predictions. I’ve just done so and this is what I found: Clinton’s potent Mars/Pluto conjunction falls right on New Hampshire’s Venus. (They appreciate her powerful approach). Clinton’s Pisces Moon trines New Hampshire’s tenth house Uranus. (Surprises!) Her Jupiter falls in New Hampshire’s third house. (They like what she says.) Reversing the charts, New Hampshire’s Saturn (karma) falls in Clinton’s 10th house of destiny.

BTW, although I didn’t expect Clinton to win the New Hampshire Primary, I have no such negative conclusions about her fate in November. The Moon on Election Day falls on Clinton’s Solar Arc Directed Venus, and the next day the Moon lands on her progressed Venus. Those are very nice aspects, along with Mars conjunct her Mercury and the Sun conjunct her Chiron (healing).  We’ll have to wait and see whether these aspects supercede those of her eventual adversary.

Besides, we all know that astrological aspects are not the final arbiter in the outcome of Presidential Elections! It all boils down to which contender’s cookie recipe wins the vote.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, January 07, 2008

It looks like more of the same for the Democrats in New Hampshire’s Primary tomorrow. The Moon conjoins Obama’s natal Saturn, which indicates the public (Moon) sees him as an authority figure (Saturn) and they like what they see.  Clinton’s aspects remain the same—mostly negative, as I indicated earlier with Mars on her Ascendant/Uranus and Pluto (the ruler of her Scorpio Sun) exactly squaring her Pisces Moon in the 10th house of destiny and opposing her Ascendant (how we present ourselves).  Now that I have John Edwards' correct birth time I note that Mars conjoining his natal Mars falls in the 12th house…not favorable for a good showing.

On the Republican side: John McCain has the excellent aspect of the Moon conjoining his natal Moon in Capricorn (the opportunist’s Moon!). Venus is also coming to a conjunction with his natal Jupiter, another favorable aspect for reaching out for more abundance—in this case votes! Saturn, it must be noted, has passed over his Virgo Sun, and is now backing up to test him again. Still, his chances appear to be the best for winning the vote in New Hampshire, while Romney is nipping at his heels with the Moon sextiling his natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction in his sixth house of work. The Sun in Capricorn is also sextiling Romney's natal Pisces Sun. Sextiles offer opportunities, but are not as potently indicative of good fortune as trines.  Romney clearly has his work cut out for him, but I would not count him down and out yet.

Huckabee has Mars sextiling his Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction, with Pluto trining the trio, so he’s not down and out yet either, but I don’t see him winning in New Hampshire. Giuliani has transiting Pluto  (transformation) opposing his natal Saturn (taking responsibility) and the transiting Moon opposing his Jupiter (expansion)…not the friendliest aspects in the world, so I don’t really anticipate his being a front runner in the New Hampshire primary election. Saturn is also transiting his 12th house (of self-undoing), exactly squaring his Uranus (surprises)…quite challenging.

So I would have to predict that Obama is the winner for the Democrats and McCain is the winner for the Republicans in New Hampshire's Primary.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Monday, January 07, 2008

It’s fun that I should come across the following entry in “The Andy Warhol Diaries” just at this time, since it ties in not only with my previous post about Warhol but also about the upcoming elections. Let me preface the quote from the diaries by saying that in reading them I have the distinct impression that Warhol remained, throughout his life, an arrested adolescent. I mean my teenage diaries are more mature than his!  Here is what he had to say after attending the the Inaugural Ceremony of President Ronald Reagan.  You be the judge:

“Listening to the inaugural address you get fired up and I felt like
being a Republican.  But then when it was over and you looked around
at the faces on all the Republicans, I was glad I’m a Democrat—there really
is a difference.”

Yes, Andy, there really is a difference. I won’t argue that point!

POSTED BY BEVELEE, Saturday, January 05, 2008

I must confess that I wish I hadn’t been tired the other evening while posting my predictions for the outcome of the Iowa Caucuses. I should have taken a moment to look up Mike Huckabee’s chart.  Had I done so, I would have known that he, and not Romney (who BTW, just won the Wyoming Caucuses…so his favorable aspects kicked in belatedly, as so often happens, to help him win in that state, at least), was going to come out the winner among the Republicans.

The Moon during the Iowa Caususes was exactly conjunct Huckabee’s natal Moon in Scorpio…a very good omen, since the Moon represents the public. While I was employing only transits to the top runner contestants’ charts—the most basic astrological tool—I was virtually certain that Clinton, with Mars conjoining her natal Ascendant and Uranus, was not going to come in first in the contest into which she had thrown so many millions of dollars and so much vitriol.  That, I admit, was a gratifying prediction of mine to see fulfilled.

Since then, in random moments, I have been considering why I don’t care about politics or presidential elections any longer the way I did when I was young and naïve. Back then, I hadn’t yet had enough disillusioning experiences to recognize that politicians routinely make outlandish promises, expedient at the moment, that they haven’t the faintest prayer of actualizing. In this, they remind me of the glowing advertisements for facial emollients positively guaranteed to make one’s skin younger, softer, more beautiful. Both promisers, I have discovered, to my dismay and disenchantment, are entirely without foundation!

Merely in passing, and without going into a detailed account of who I think may come out ahead in the New Hampshire Primary next Tuesday (which I haven’t yet considered in a broad sense),
I will say this: Clinton, on January 8th, will still have Mars sitting on her natal Ascendant squaring her Pisces Moon, (FYI, no one with that Moon placement has ever been
president of the U.S.) along with Pluto on her descendant also squaring her Moon,
which does not bode well for her being the new “Come Back Kid”, as, alas, was
her husband Bill (“It depends on what is means”) Clinton in that primary, while
running for his first term.

Moving right along, it’s long past time for me to comment on the recent tragic murder of Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. When I looked at her chart in November during her reemergence into the Pakistan political arena, I was, to be frank, concerned about her physical well-being. The first, and foremost, indication of physical danger to her was the fact that Pluto (that recently disdained by astronomers little ice cube which I, as an astrologer, who knows virtually nothing about astronomy, consider to be one of the most potent indicators of one’s fate) was rapidly coming to an opposition to Bhutto’s natal sun—the essence of her being.

Then, just a month later, when Bhutto was actually assassinated, Pluto, approaching its final degree, in even closer alignment opposing her natal Sun, was at its most potentially dangerous position. Saturn, the other notorious so-called “karmic” planet—our celestial “tester” for validity, was squaring (challenging) Bhutto’s natal Jupiter. You don’t want to see Saturn and Jupiter in any relationship whatsoever; they are inimicable to one another—the former signifying limitation and the latter symbolizing expansion. The good use of Saturn, of course, is taking responsibility for one’s actions, but as it happens, Saturn was at the time of her death, transiting Bhutto’s 12th house of what is hidden…it’s an ending phase, and not the time to make new beginnings, which she was, unfortunately, attempting to do.

Mars, the planet of violence, was conjoining Bhutto’s natal Mars—this just looks like a picture of a battle of wills, which she, sadly, but poetically, lost. Reinforcing this drastic state of affairs, was the fact that the transiting Sun at the time of her death was opposing Bhutto’s natal Mars as well as being in opposition to transiting Mars. Violence, in other words, was in the air! I wonder if she had an astrologer and knew what was about to happen?

Bhutto, in her natal chart has Saturn conjunct the Moon—not a happy relationship with, or particular respect, for her mother, while she had Mars conjunct the Sun—the desire to follow or emulate, her father.

It has been announced that in Bhutto’s will—only recently drawn up a couple of months before her demise—she assigned her son the responsibility of taking up the mantle of leadership in Pakistan. It is interesting to note that her son is 19 years old—a pivotal turning point in one’s life, because of its being the return of one’s prenatal eclipse. Cycles! Never forget them, my friends. They are the foundation upon which astrology rests!

Leaving this tragic state of affairs, I will now turn to and focus on my recent personal reading. Rather, I should say that I’ve been re-reading books that I’ve had for ten years or so. I favor biography and history because I’m on a lifetime quest for knowledge. The book about Pamela Digby Churchill Hayward Harriman, “Life of the Party” by Christopher Ogden, was a revisit by me, but newly enlightening, since, this time around, I was able to attach its significance to her astrological chart.

This was a woman born into British aristocracy, who possessed a Grand Trine in her natal chart, which meant that she was lucky in the help she had from friends throughout her lifetime, who taught her what she needed to know to enable her to move up the ladder of success.

A native Pisces, however, despite her great good fortune, she managed to be a victim time and again.  What she wanted more than anything was great wealth, which she finally achieved (after sleeping with virtually all of Europe’s wealthy men who did not deign to marry her), upon the death of her third husband, the senile Averell Harriman. She finally inherited a fortune in the range of 100 million dollars at his death, which, typically, for a prevailing victim mentality, she managed to lose most of before her own death.

While reading ad nauseum about her self-absorbing exploits, I have to tell you the truth: I do not like this woman!  Even her friends and family described her as "shrewd", calculating",  "greedy". My disdain notwithstanding, I must admit she has had a lasting and IMHO, a negative effect, upon the political arena in the United States, her (expediently) adopted country. After Averell’s death, with his money, she formed an organization PamPac (Democrats for the 80’s) which, God help us, was the impetus for the election of William Clinton to the Presidency of the United States of America the residue of which is paramount in the presidential elections of 2008!

The other book I’m re-reading is "The Diaries of Andy Warhol", which would not seem to tie in with the foregoing, except that Warhol, too, had that grandiose Grand Trine in his natal chart which zoomed him into the stratosphere of popularity in the 60’s and beyond, and he, too, was as intemperate in his…um, mating practices, as the aforementioned Pamela Harriman (who never gave up the name Churchill, which was, in point of fact, her ticket to acceptance by society, regardless of the fact that she was widely known as a "high class courtesan"). It's not surprising that Bill Clinton, whom one might term a "male courtesan", as a reward for her influence in getting him elected, should appoint her Ambassador to France.

Grand trines in one’s chart are indicative, not necessarily, of huge success, as in these two instances, as well as that of Martha Stewart, (also a Leo—like   Warhol, and with a grand trine in her chart)….but of excess. It’s always about excess. To illustrate the scope of his excess, at Warhol's death the executors were astonished to find his house jampacked with thousands of purchases stacked in rooms in their original wrappings--never even opened. For him, as the saying goes, "the high was the buy".

Which brings me to my own personal dilemma of the moment—Mr. Saturn sitting on my natal Venus.

Saturn has been at the 8th degree of Virgo since hell wouldn’t have it; in fact, he began slowing down and finally turned retrograde at that degree, and remains there yet, sitting like a fat Buddha (enlightenment?) on my natal Venus!  Venus, as you may know, represents what we love and value; Saturn, on the other hand, represents structure (good!), but experienced by most of us unevolved sorts as LIMITATION! (Not good!)  Consequently, yours truly, in case you haven’t already noticed, finds herself in what may only be described as a perpetual state of pissed-offness!  Ouch!

Why?  Well, because Venus in my chart is hugely important. I haven’t quite decided whether my natal Grand Cross (Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn, opposite Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Cancer) is responsible for my ongoing uphill trudge to success and happiness in my life, or whether Venus, the ruler of my Libra Sun, my Taurus Ascendant, and the exact point of my prenatal Eclipse, is more responsible for my destiny. 

This I can tell you, though: I haven’t felt this discombobulated since Pluto crossed over my natal Sun  three times back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Both transits (Saturn on my Venus and Pluto on my Sun) have caused enormous decisions which ultimately, in the latter case, have meant letting go of things which I formerly valued—relationships, mainly—but also ideas about what is important—such as presidential elections.

I’ve recently relinquished relationships that I’d been hanging onto sort of half-heartedly, literally for years. It began gradually to dawn on me, (with Saturn testing my Venus values) that this is  the right time not to hang onto relationships that aren’t working, and in some instances, had NEVER worked, in my whole life! Whatever else you may think about him, Saturn gets right in your face whenever he contacts an important part of your chart, including his return to his own place in your chart every 30 years, and he demands a response.

So, my dears, these are the things I’ve been mulling over and meaning to share with you for whatever insights  they may be worth for your own astrological understanding and evolvement. Thank you for listening.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE January 2, 2008

What I have to say next will no doubt be off-putting to some of you—many of you, okay, most of you.  So be prepared and read no further if you are easily offended.

The other day my son said—he thought humorously: “I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with the Iowa caucuses! Why does anyone care what people in Iowa think? After all, they haven’t got sense enough to move out of Iowa!”

I laughed in apparent agreement. But truth be told, my agreement went far deeper than his humorous reflection.

Suffice it to say that I am not looking forward to the year 2008 and the Presidential Election. I’m in it, (the country, the times) but I’m not of it and never have been, I’ve lately come to realize.   You see, I have lived long enough to have heard all the hateful rhetoric before ad nauseum

Furthermore, I’ve read too much about politics in our own times as well as historically, and most particularly about wartime politics to be concerned, daunted, or impressed with what’s going on now. It is MOTS! (More Of the Same!) It has been ever thus, and frankly I’m bored, unimpressed and disgusted with the whole election year scenario.

Having vented my spleen on the subject, however, and assuming you’re still with me, let me offer my astrological analysis of what I think will transpire for the Democrats in Iowa tomorrow, having examined the charts of Clinton, Edwards and Obama—the contentious contenders.

Clinton’s aspects:
Most glaringly, transiting Mars conjoins her natal Ascendant and has passed over her Natal Uranus (Explosive energy, to say the very least!) Pluto (the transformer) conjoins her 7th house cusp (open enemies and others) and exactly squares her 29-degree Pisces Moon. Not favorable. Neptune (the deceiver) opposes her natal Saturn (responsibility, reality), vitiating its authoritarian enerty. Saturn, in its horrendous degree of 8 Virgo, is sitting ominously on her 4th house cusp (the end of the matter). Not a pretty picture. The Moon tomorrow night opposes her North Node. Not good. These represent only the negative aspects to her chart for the purposes of my analysis. But based on them, I don’t think Clinton will win this one.

Obama’s aspects:
Saturn conjuncts his natal Pluto (both Karmic planets and not particularly happy together), but nevertheless transiting Saturn does happen to sextile his natal Neptune—not bad, expecially since it also sextiles (a little widely) his natal Venus. The Midheaven of the election chart falls on his Natal Moon in Taurus. Not bad, but it also squares his North Node and Uranus. (Challenging). Is it any wonder astrologers have a hard time deciding who wins and who loses elections?  Mercury is coming to a conjunction with his natal Saturn (could be good as it makes him take responsibility for his spoken word). The transiting Moon squares his natal Uranus…umm, not favorable.

Edward’s aspects:
The ascendant of the election chart falls on his Part of Fortune. Pretty good! Mars falls on his natal Mars augering a new two-year burst of energy. Pretty good!  Transiting Uranus falls in his Solar 7th house of others—could portend surprising results, but it also challenges his Natal Gemini Sun by a square, which, in my opinion, is offset by the fact that it trines his natal Uranus. Breakthrough? Possibly. Neptune is also trining his Sun—favorable for pulling the wool over the eyes of the public! Oh dear! Saturn—the tester of one’s fate—is squaring his natal Moon. Well, that could pertain to his wife’s perilous health condition; however, it favorably aspects his natal Venus in Taurus, its own sign. Pretty good.

You want to know something? I didn’t know what I was going to say until I finished evaluating these three charts, but after reading what I’ve written, I’d have to say Edward’s aspects seem to be the most favorable among the three (just a little ahead of Obama’s aspects) for capturing the vote in Iowa; whether or not that turns out to be the case, one thing I feel almost certain of: Clinton won't be the winner.  I haven't examined the Republican contenders' stars, but I will hazard a guess that Mitt Romney comes out ahead for that party.

Finally, I’ve learned that only about 10 percent of registered voters in Iowa are expected to turn out to vote tomorrow. What kind of victory could this prove to be for any of the above? But then, as my son has so poetically pointed out, who cares what Iowan’s think?

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