POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, January 29, 2010

One of the things I remember most clearly that my personal astrological guru, the late astrologer Buz Myers, said, is that at the time of the Full Moon, you understand very clearly where you are in your relationships—what is going on for you, personally, in your relationships.  Full Moons have a Libra flavor to them, he explained. I’ve never forgotten this interesting information, since I am a native Libran and by nature, relationships are so very important to me.

So I thought I would share with you how tonight's Full Moon at 10 degrees of Cancer affects Barack Obama. I have read on the Internet this evening that President Obama has had a confrontation (Full Moon, Libra, others) today with leaders of the Republican party. From this I infer that, unlike Nancy Reagan, either President Obama does not rely on astrologer’s analysis, or that being a native of the sign of Leo, he does not heed our….er…expertise.

However, that is neither here nor there (unless it is). The fact of the matter is that this Full Moon falls across the axis of Obama’s 6th/12th houses. What does that imply? The 6th house represents one’s service to others (and no one has a greater potential for service to others than the President of the United States, agreed?) And the 12th house represents not only the collective unconscious but also what the ancients described as self-undoing.

So! Let’s explore the energy of this Full Moon as it affects Obama’s chart. The Moon, (representing the public, and emotions) at ten degrees of Leo is closely aligned with Obama’s natal Leo Sun. Sounds good, hmm?  Not! Because, first of all, the Moon is conjunct Mars (anger, dissent) and secondly the Sun in this Full Moon alignment, in the sign of Aquarius (representing humanitarian interests), happens to oppose Obama's Leo Sun, falling in his 12th house—which has been characterized as that which is hidden, as well as the collective unconscious (Carl Jung).

Are you still with me?  Good!

Again harking back to what I have been taught by Buz Myers, where we find the Sun transiting one's chart at the time of a Full Moon is where the power lies.  In other words, the ball is in someone else's court. Therefore, today’s Full Moon energy clearly lies not with President Obama, but with the collective unconscious--we, the people. Can you see now why, in view of his choosing this date to confront Republicans, I infer that he is not relying upon the advice of an astrologer? Any reputable astrologer would have counseled him against this decision.

The reason I have found this Full Moon particularly interesting, as well as enlightening, since things come to a “head” during the Full Moon phase, is that today, President Obama engaged in a discussion which was very like a confrontation (which is very 7th house/Libran) with Republicans. And this interaction was notably contentious...as you can read here. In addition, backing up to President Obama's State of the Union speech on Wednesday, wherein he did the unthinkable--attacking the Supreme Court for their recent decision, we can see that the Full Moon phase was already prematurely affecting his thinking processes with regard to the public. The Moon/Mars conjunction at the time of the Full  Moon was already influencing him in the form of anger.

What this says to me is that the part of Obama's chart symbolizing the collective unconscious (which owns the energy of this Full Moon) has come out into the open and challenged some of President Obama’s ideas/proposals/agendas.

This seems to me to have so perfectly described what Buz Meyers has taught me, that I thought I ought to share it with those of you who are seeking wider understanding of astrological principles.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, January 29, 2010

After I posted my ideas about the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction having a strong effect on our dreams,  (below) I had an email from my friend Audrey, who wanted to know whether this same phenomenon applied to visions.  Well, I hadn't thought about it, but the same rule should certainly apply to visions....which are "Neptunian" by their very nature. Also, I was thinking last night that the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction applies to creativity...at least it does for me, since I have a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in my natal chart in the 5th house of creativity.  And the conjunction should be helpful to doing photography as well, since Neptune rules photography.

Oh! You will be so proud of me! Yesterday I was reading an article about science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, author of the huge best-seller "Farenheit 451".  The article was going on and on about how the 89-year-old Bradbury had endured rejection after rejection but kept on submitting his stories anyway.  When I had finished reading the article, I said to myself, "Ray Bradbury must be a Leo!"  So I Googled him and Wikipedia confirmed that he is a Leo! 

I was naturally delighted with my acute star antennae, (she bragged smugly). Okay, you wanna know what made me sure he's a Leo?  These words of his: "My advice is to do what you love and love what you do...." (Hey, that's my advice, too! BB)...."And that's been the story of my life," he continued.  "Not pleasing my friends, not pleasing any editor, just myself."  Now if those words had not come from the mouth (or pen) of a Leo, I would've had to take up a new profession!   Go, Ray! I want to come back as a Leo next time around.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I heard yesterday that former Senator John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth have separated I, of course, had to immediately check out the transits to their respective natal charts. I was not surprised to find that the January 15th Solar Eclipse and Venus, the “ruler” of the Eclipse, fell in John Edwards 7th house of marriage, which is exactly where he is experiencing a “turning point” and/or “crisis”.

Also, Mercury, which turned direct of the day of the Solar Eclipse, and which I have therefore arbitrarily promoted to “co-ruler” of the Eclipse, was opposing his natal Mercury. Further, the Saturn/Pluto square is challenging Edwards’ Mercury at this time. 

I had just read an interesting editorial about John Edwards, written by someone who had admired him when he was first elected to the United States Senate, but, who upon learning more about him, later dubbed him an “empty smile”.  We’ve all witnessed that emptiness as we watched him repeatedly deny that he fathered a child out of wedlock. Elizabeth is well rid of him!

I do not have a time of birth for Elizabeth Edwards, but the treacherous Saturn/Pluto square from Libra to Capricorn is currently challenging her Solar Ascendant with Saturn exactly conjoining it at 4 degrees of Libra.  And I cannot think that the upcoming Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer next July will bode well for her, since she is a native Cancerian.  I wish her well.

On a happier note, I have realized that Scott P. Brown, who has won “the people’s seat" in the United States Senate, at the age of 50, is experiencing his Chiron Return. I thought that you might be interested to read what I have said about the effects of Chiron Returns.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, January 25, 2010

A number of ideas about astrology have been roiling around in my brain for quite some time, actually keeping me awake at night, so I thought I’d share them with you and thereby perhaps make room for new ideas to enter my consciousness to share with you in the future. 

First of all, I want you to know that in my astrology work I stick pretty much to the basics. That is to say, when I analyze what’s going on in someone’s chart I look first at how the transiting planets are influencing it, then I observe the progressed planet’s movement through the chart and next the Solar Directions. I pay close attention to contacts to the midpoints in the chart as well.  These basic techniques usually afford me a very accurate picture of what's going on for a person at any given time. You've heard me make predictions here based on these astrological tools time and again.

I do not typically make use of “Converse” Directions, Progressions or Returns— which requires going back for the same number of years since one was born.  I daresay other astrologers find value in these Converse charts. I simply prefer to look ahead. I have no criticism of astrologers who use techniques that I do not avail myself of; perhaps they have more time than I do in which to pursue a plethora of avenues of discovery in astrology. I prefer to keep things simple... provided that I am thereby able to find the answers that I (and my clients) seek.

As many of you already know, I set great store by where the Solar Eclipses fall in a person’s chart, and to a lesser degree—the effects of the Lunar Eclipses— which, in my opinion, have a shorter duration of influence. This is why in recent years I have begun offering Solar Eclipse Readings, in which I give very precise details of the turning point (or "crisis") that each Solar Eclipse is triggering in a person's life.

Actually, for many years--virtually since I began my astrological counseling career--I have specialized in providing my clients with a personalized Solar Return Analysis on tape.  The Solar Return is an extremely accurate indicator of what is in store for a person for a whole year.  Interestingly, astrologers do not agree about where to locate or erect the chart for these Solar Returns! Personally, I prefer to set up the Solar Return for the location where a person lives.  My reasoning is that this is where one experiences the energies of the return for the ensuing year.

Some of my clients, on the other hand, wish to have me set up their annual Solar Return Chart for the place where they are at the time of the return.  Some of them even travel to a place where they feel their aspects are more advantageous.  An example of this: I got lucky recently when a client ordered two Solar Return Prediction Reports—one for France, where she lives, and another for Los Angeles, where she thought she might want to move. She wished to compare the respective Reports for favorable influences. I was delighted to accommodate her and tempted to offer her a special rate for the entire United States, but thought it best not to push my luck!

Now, having said that I prefer to set up the Solar Return Chart for the place where one lives, I must point out that there is another technique whereby you set up the Solar Return Chart for the place where one was born. I’ve not done this for anyone else, but I was curious to discover which place would most accurately describe my experience for 2008, the year my mother died. Much to my surprise, the Solar Return Chart erected for Clinton, Massachusetts, where I was born, was the most accurate. It had Pluto (death) in the 4th House—the house I assign to the mother.  Needless to say, that was a real eye-opener for me!  Each of the other charts, to be honest, had intimations of this great loss, but the Solar Return Chart erected for the place where I was born really nailed it.

I rarely use in my work the Arabic Parts—except  for the Part of Fortune, nor the Transplutonian planets (Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Cronos—those guys). Nor do I typically refer to the dwads and decans. I leave those to the expertise of Hindu astrologers.  I’m not saying that any or all of these are not valid predictive astrological tools. Not at all.  I’m simply saying that I find I’m able to provide clients accurate analyses without referring to these techniques on a regular basis. (Though, truth be told, I do, out of curiosity, occasionally refer to them!)

As a general rule, though, I am more comfortable sticking to the basics, as I have come to understand them over the nearly twenty-five years that I’ve been seriously involved in the study of astrology and doing astrological counseling.

Moving on to another subject: 2010 is shaping up to be quite an interesting year in astrology.  We have been experiencing for some time the square of Pluto in Capricorn to Saturn in Libra. (90 degree aspect) This combination is full of tension. My observation has been that Pluto’s movement into the sign of Capricorn represents transformation (Pluto) in government (ruled by Capricorn)—and we have certainly witnessed this transformation big time here in the United States over the past year.

Furthermore, my own private opinion (and I’m not sure anyone else shares it) is that Pluto represents the black race, and we’ve certainly seen blacks tested since Pluto moved into Capricorn (ruled by Saturn—the task master of the heavens!). One immediately thinks of the tests being experienced by Barack Obama, Tiger Woods and tennis champion Serena Williams.

Boy! I have to say that Saturn's transit into Libra  seems to have it in for us poor little ‘ole Librans! (its being "exalted" in this sign to the contrary!) This opinion has certainly manifested personally for me, since I fell and injured my foot right after New Year’s and am still hobbling around like an old lady three weeks later!  (Harumph!) I have noticed, sadly, that since Saturn's movement into the sign of Libra three of my dearest Libran friends have also experienced great personal distress as well. It appears that we Librans are being tested, especially with regard to our physical well-being.

As you’ve perhaps heard, on July 7th we will be experiencing a Grand Cardinal Cross.  Which is to say that seven planets will be in Cardinal Signs: the Moon in Cancer; Venus, Saturn and Mars in Libra; Pluto in Capricorn; and Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. This is a picture of immense tension, my friends. I assure you that children born under this planetary alignment will, of course, have this configuration in their natal charts, and will need to work through its challenging energies throughout their lifetime, just as many of us born in the 30’s have had to cope with our own natal Grand Cardinal Crosses.

Cardinal Crosses (with four or more planets in square to one another—90 degrees apart)—impose profound challenges. And although I can attest personally to those challenges, I’ve also come to believe that having a Grand Cross in one’s chart gives a person the necessary persistence to solve problems. It gives us stick-to-itiveness—a characteristic which natives with the supposedly “blessed” Grand Trine configuration do not typically have. “Grand Triners” are accustomed to having things come easily to them or having things done for them. We “Grand Crossers” are not that fortunate, but in the process of dealing with adversity, we eventually learn to do things for ourselves which, in my opinion, amounts to an even greater blessing.

On July 11th, 2010—four days after the Cardinal Grand Cross configuration of July 7th, we will have another Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer…with 5 planets remaining in Cardinal Signs. Pluto is at that time the focal planet in a Cardinal T-Square  (90-degrees away from both Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus).  It will be interesting to observe how this particular Solar Eclipse affects President Obama since it falls in his 6th house of work, and Mercury in Leo, the “ruler” of the Eclipse, by virtue of being the closet planet to the Eclipse, falls within two degrees of his natal Mercury.

On May 27, 2010, Uranus, the planet of breakthrough (some may call it the planet of disruption!), after its 7-year sojourn through the placid sign of Pisces, finally moves into the much more adventurous and pioneering sign of Aries. This will not only end the mutual reception (two planets occupying one another's native sign) between Uranus and Neptune, which have been in one another's signs since 1998, but I feel confident that it will considerably alter the dynamic of transits affecting our charts.

Then, in April  2011, Neptune will finally move out of its 13-year residence in Aquarius (Uranus's native sign) into  Pisces (its own sign) where, let us hope, it will feel more comfortable than in the excitable sign of Aquarius.

Oh, one more thing: Have you been having very colorful and/or explicit dreams lately?  Honestly, my husband has been relating such long, involved and vivid dreams, that I am actually becoming impatient listening to them. See, I'm having very vivid dreams myself, and remembering them, which is unusual for me, I am chomping at the bit to tell him mine!

I'm attributing these vivid dreams to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius over the past year. (Jupiter=expansion/more, while Neptune rules dreams.) Now that Jupiter has moved out of Aquarius into Pisces, it still offers us beautiful dreams, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune--and in the old days, before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter ruled Pisces. Let's dream on!

So, my dears, those are the thoughts that have been roiling around in my brain, keeping me awake at night. Having shared them with you—for what they’re worth--I’m now eager to move on in search of some new information to share with you.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Needless to say, I am extremely pleased to see that my projection of Republican Scott P. Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate race was not mere “wishful thinking” on my part!  In fact, I daresay that I am not the only astrologer to have so predicted, because, even in the absence of a birth time for either candidate, it was apparent that Brown’s aspects by transit and the contacts of the January 15th Solar Eclipse were more favorable than those of Coakley (as I have outlined in more detail below).

The most convincing evidence, however, that Scott would win, was not drawn from aspects to his chart, but to his opponent’s chart. Noting that the January 15th Solar Eclipse opposed Coakley’s Cancer Sun, I was convinced that she could not win.  You see, any opposition to one’s Sun, whether by ordinary transit, but more particularly by an Eclipse, metaphorically puts the ball in someone else’s court. One’s capacities are “eclipsed”.

Returning to the Eclipse’s impact upon President Obama’s chart, as it exactly conjoined his 12th house Saturn, we can now describe its message as a “reality check” with regard to his hidden agenda. My good friend, (who wishes to remain anonymous) with whom I enjoy frequent discussions about astrology, had this to say this morning:

"You were so right about the interpretation of Obama's eclipse from a national perspective for our country. The hidden agendas were revealed... didn't he cut a deal with the labor unions in closed-door, democrat-only meetings at the White House during the eclipse? I thought the Obama 12th house eclipse would expose something that has been hidden to me - but since your blog says that the President's chart becomes the US chart, it just means that something hidden is exposed to the entire country.

“It occurred to me that what happened this last week was huge numbers of Obama supporters finally saw that he has been working a hidden agenda with special interest groups. I also think that all of the discussions being held by Congressional leaders about how to "get around a Brown win" and still force the healthcare vote was the other impact of the eclipse. It was revealed in a most obvious way (not 12th house) that 60% of the Senate was willing to change the law, work the system and finagle whatever they could to PREVENT an elected Senator from casting a vote so that they could push an agenda that is not supported by almost 80% of the population. Prior to this eclipse, it seems that this way of doing business was part of the underground workings of Washington -- now it is clearly apparent that these deals are part of business as usual."

I would call that a reality check, wouldn’t you?  Or even more specifically, a wake-up call. And one more thing: I do not celebrate this prediction as a "win" for myself...but for the sacred science of astrology, which I am privileged to represent here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Having examined the natal charts for Scott P. Brown and Martha Coakley rather cursorily, which is to say, simply using transits, and the Eclipse contacts to their respective Solar Charts (because of no time given for either), it appears to me that Brown has a slight edge for winning this Senate race.

My reasoning is thus: Coakley is on the verge of experiencing her second Saturn Return, and transiting Saturn is nudging her Solar Ascendant within about 3 degrees. (We either win or lose on our Saturn Returns, and I'm betting she loses).  Furthermore, the January Solar Eclipse more or less opposed her natal Sun in Cancer--another negative indication. The Solar Eclipse North Node opposes exactly her natal Mercury in her Solar 10th house of career and destiny--and never forget that the North Node is closely aligned with "Destiny". 

As for Brown: the Solar Eclipse (along with the "ruler" of this Eclipse, Venus, came within a degree of conjoining his natal Moon in Capricorn--a very ambitious Moon, mind you!  At the time of the Eclipse, Saturn (structure, responsibility--occupying more "space", exactly conjoined his natal Mars (the "go for it" planet), in his Solar 11th house of rewards for his career, the unexpected, goals, groups, etc. 

At that same time, he had another Saturn aspect, with transiting Pluto and retrograding Mercury (the "honorary" co-ruler of this Eclipse, as I hope you've read in my previous blog), were close to Brown's Solar 2nd house Saturn (ruler of his  Moon)...which I would read as transformation of his life's quest (which Saturn represents) and feelings of self-worth (which the 2nd house implies).

Also, the Solar Eclipse sextiles his Solar Ascendant...an opportunity--albeit, one that he must "listen" for, in order to manifest, and believe me, from everything I've read about this guy, he listens for every opportunity...in fact, he's way ahead of the curve most of the time.

Is all of this analysis merely wishful thinking on the part of one of the few astrologers on the planet who is an avowed conservative Republican?  Ah! Time will tell!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, January 11, 2010

On January 14th PST (January 15th EST), Mercury, in retrograde motion since December 26th, will turn Stationary Direct. Now even though Venus, as I mentioned earlier, is technically the "ruler" of this Solar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Capricorn, by virtue of its being at the exact degree if the Eclipse, I feel that Mercury should be termed its "sub-ruler", because of its making a station  on the same day.

My reasoning is this: I have often observed that the most powerful effects of a planet's turning either retrograde or direct usually occur on the day of the actual station (or a few days either side of the station). We can observe this in newsworthy events which occur at these times. We can confirm this idea by paying particular attention to the news events that occur at these times. To cite one emotional example that leaps to mind: John F. Kennedy, Jr. died in a plane crash on July 16,1999, just four days after Mercury had turned retrograde.

My professional (and personal) belief is that this Mercury retrograde station clouded his judgement inasmuch as he opted to make a night landing, endangering the lives of his wife and sister-in-law who were on board with him. Kennedy, you see, was not qualified to fly a plane by "instruments only." Mercury Retrograde had clouded his judgement.

Things predictably heat up around the times of a planet’s making its station— especially Mercury, the “winged messenger”. Most of us will have Venus--the aforesaid "ruler" of the Eclipse, transiting the same house in our chart as this Solar Eclipse, and some of us will also have Mercury transiting the same house, strengthening its effects on that compartment of our life. But others will have Mercury transiting a different house, broadening its influence.

Furthermore, we should not assign a Solar Eclipse’s influence solely to the house in which it falls. For one thing, as Robert Carl Jansky has pointed out, in his book “Interpreting the Eclipses”, we must  take into account House Polarities. In other words, it’s necessary to observe the energies across the axes of the chart.

To give you a personal example, this Solar Eclipse, at 25 degrees of Capricorn, falls in my 9th house, but within a few degrees of my Saturn/Midheaven conjunction, so those points must be factored into the analysis of how its energy will affect me personally for the ensuing six months. And, with regard to house polarities, the Eclipse opposes, within two degrees, my natal Pluto in the 3rd house (the 3rd/9th axis or polarity), highlighting that house’s importance for the duration of the Eclipse’s influence—which I maintain is about six months.

Further, returning to my contention that Mercury is the sub-ruler of this particular Eclipse, we find that Mercury will be making its station that same day—not in the house in my chart in which the Eclipse falls—the 9th—but in the 8th, conjoining transiting Pluto, intensifying its effects. As you can see, that’s a wide swath of energy generated for me personally by this particular Solar Eclipse, and it’s not all confined to one house. In astrology, we cannot rely merely upon one instance of a transit’s affect (in this instance that of the Solar Eclipse).  We must take into account all other conditions occurring simultaneously.

As John Donne has so aptly pointed out, no man is an island. Nor, I might add, is one celestial body!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, January 4, 2010

I feel almost certain that those of you who have visited, explored and investigated the information that I provide here have discovered how much pleasure I take from offering you personalized readings…such as the personal Solar Eclipse Reading I have offered to do for you explaining the effects that the January 14th/15th Solar Eclipse will have upon your natal chart.

I might add that I don’t believe you can quite comprehend the pleasure and satisfaction it gives me to hear from those for whom I have prepared these personal Eclipse Readings, describing how accurately their reading has mirrored what is going on in their lives.

In view of the success I’ve had doing these personal Solar Eclipse Readings for family, friends and clients over the years, it suddenly occurred to me to wonder how our President and his wife would respond if I were privileged with the opportunity to provide them with their personal Solar Eclipse Readings.

Since it is highly unlikely that I will be invited by this illustrious couple to “do” their Solar Eclipse Readings, I thought I might as well go ahead and do them for my own edification…and yours!  So here goes.

As it happens, the January 14th (January 15th in Washington, D.C.) Solar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Capricorn, falls precisely upon Saturn in our President’s natal chart. Now, I, who have Saturn in Capricorn conjunct the Midheaven, and having at times felt its preponderance of…shall we say…”heaviness”…as though it were a ton of bricks sitting upon my head…immediately thought: “Hmm, this Solar Eclipse can’t be good for our President…nor for that matter, for the Nation since the President's chart, while he is in office, represents that of our country.”

However, when I pored over my myriad astrology books, I discovered, to my surprise, that there are those amongst my peers (dare I say it?) who consider a Solar Eclipse falling upon one’s natal Saturn to be advantageous! Well, in one sense, I was delighted to learn this, since, coincidentally, this Solar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Capricorn, falls not only close to my own Saturn at 28 degrees of Capricorn, but exactly upon my husband’s Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn, as well.

This was good news to me (and my mate) personally, and since we love our country, (both having been born with Pluto in Cancer) we certainly are happy to note that the Eclipse may also bode well for our President (whose chart, while in office, as I’ve previously remarked, represents the chart of our Nation.).

Apparently, some astrologers hold that a Solar Eclipse to one’s natal Saturn and/or the house it rules (in Obama’s case this would be the 12th house of what is hidden, sometimes referred to as the house of self-undoing) can have positive effects—especially with a North Node Solar Eclipse, which is what this Eclipse is.

Try as I might, however, I cannot for the life of me see what good can come of a 12th house Solar Eclipse upon one’s Saturn. We are all too aware that there have been things hidden from us by this administration, which chooses to pass life-changing legislation unfavored by a high percentage of our citizens in the dead of night…on Christmas Eve! What more can be going on behind the scenes of which we are unfortunately unaware? Will a Solar Eclipse in this 12th house bring those secrets to light?  We can only hope.

So now let’s turn to the President’s wife’s chart to see how the Solar Eclipse is affecting her. Frankly, this Eclipse contact is quite a bit more enlightening, or at least more in line with what I’ve previously been taught to believe with regard to the effects of a Solar Eclipse, for it comes within a degree of falling on Mrs. Obama’s Sun/Midheaven conjunction at 26 Capricorn.

This is definitely not a light hit, my friends. A Solar Eclipse to one’s Sun invariably triggers the greatest changes in one’s life. The Sun symbolizes not only one’s own personal vitality, but in a woman's chart it represents her husband—from whom the drastic changes will emanate—and no husband’s fate can be more pronounced in its effect, I would submit, than that of the President of the United States. A Solar Eclipse falling on the Sun produces a life-changing event, no matter who you are, period. I speak from the vast experience of having witnessed this event in countless charts of family, friends, clients and public figures.

Furthermore, to exacerbate the profound "crisis" (turning point) triggered by the Eclipse on Mrs. Obama's Sun, is the fact that it also conjoins her Midheaven--her public image and reputation--which in the case of the President's wife cannot help being produced by her husband's high profile as the most important man...not only in the United States....but in the world!

Change….heralded by this Solar Eclipse…is definitely in the works for our country. Do not doubt it.  In fact, the Solar Eclipse has already begun to manifest its dynamic energy, as so often happens, a month prior to the actual Eclipse, in the wide-ranging discontent and unrest that we are daily witnessing throughout our land. I truly believe, that indicated by this Eclipse, that which has been hidden from us as a Nation will come out of the darkness into the light of day.

Solar Eclipses to one's natal Saturn are often compared to a job review. If the recipient of the Eclipse's energy has been doing a good job, s/he will receive a favorable review and the associated rewards. If not, one still receives the associated rewards--in the form of reprimands and setbacks. In view of the President's steadily declining job ratings in poll after poll, I would suggest that his rewards at the time of this Eclipse will be in the negative column. Perhaps the Eclipse, at the very least, will cause the President to do a little back-peddling with regard to his "hidden" (Twelfth House) agenda.

If that is the case, he will have an opportunity to implement changes more in keeping with the historical values of our Nation. I stress that word--values because our Nation's value system is highlighted and extremely important at the time of this Solar Eclipse.  This is because Venus--the planet ruling values--is at precisely the degree of the Sun/Moon, making it the ruler of the Eclipse. Our Nation's values have long been a lodestar to the entire world. Recently they have been under attack from within the government itself. For instance, do you recall ever having heard of "zsars" with unlimited powers being appointed by any of our  previous Presidents? Nor do I.

Will this Solar Eclipse, accompanied by the planet (yes, planet!) Pluto having entered the sign of Capricorn--the legendary ruler of government--cause a turning point so that as a Nation we can regain our place of prominence and leadership throughout the world? Or are we destined to continue on the downward path to becoming a third world Nation? I assure you, this Eclipse's energy, symbolized by its effect on our President's natal chart, will make that decision for us.

I do not offer these suggestions lightly. Remember, the Eclipse falls in the Twelfth House of the President's chart--(our Nation's chart). The Twelfth house has also been called the house of "Collective Unconscious".  Collective--get it? All of us in this Nation  will be profoundly affected by its energy and the turning point it causes.

So! Where is this momentous Solar Eclipse destined to fall in your chart? Will its effects be minor or drastic? How will your values be transformed by its energy? I’ll be more than happy to tell you! Learn more about my in-depth personalized Solar Eclipse reading here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

It's that time again—we will be experiencing another Solar Eclipse on January 14th at 25 degrees of Capricorn. As you know, each of the houses in your birth chart represents a compartment of your life, and the house in which a Solar Eclipse falls is profoundly important; it indicates where you inevitably experience a crisis, or turning point, in your life, which occupies your attention for the following six months until the next Solar Eclipse.

As usual, to help you understand how the Eclipse will affect your natal chart, I am pleased to offer you by email your personal Solar Eclipse Reading in either text or audio format.  Learn more about my Solar Eclipse Reading here.

Incidentally, today's date is palindromic...reading the same backwards or forwards.  0 1 0 2 2 0 1 0. There will be 12 MM/DD/YYYY palindromes in the 21st century, 12 more in the 22nd and 12 more in the 23rd. But after that, the next such palindrome period won't happen for 711 years and a day like today won't return for millenia.  Enjoy today...there won't be another like it for 10,000 years -- until 01/02/12010.
"This is my letter to the world,
that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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