Leo Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Leo.
I accept fully all its great power,
potentials, and regal gifts.
I am The Monarch of the Universe,
I am the heart of the heart,
I am the heart of creative energy.
I am the Fiery Dragon of passion and emotion.
I am the courageous lion that fears
no iron, bronze, or stone.
I become the leader.
I am the Sun around which all else revolves.
I dazzle! I bring light into life,
I bring light into lives.
Through my bright light I dissolve doubt,
banish fears, dispel gloom.
I am dynamic! I inspire! I will!
I am the very Fire of the Heart,
a burning center of radiance and joy!
I have vast resources of energy, of unlimited potential.
I forge my destiny and inspire those around me
with strength and confidence.
I have nobility of heart and soul.
I can see into the heart of the matter and make it whole.
I am vivacious and bold.
I make regeneration complete by transforming
my powerful love into compassion.
I am the true leader because I am the servant of all.
I am the heart in matter.
My power comes from my love of life,
tempered only by its compassion and goodwill.
I am the greatest of heart warriors.
My great ability to love unites the spirit,
the mind, and the body by my actions.
I deserve, I have earned and burned my way
through the darkness with laser precision and fierceness.
I revel in my joyful services to the world.
It is my destiny.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

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