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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, May 22, 2011

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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our granddaughter Erin celebrated her sixth birthday this past week, but actually, this isn’t
about her…well, not entirely about her. You may perhaps recall my mentioning back in September  that we adopted a rescue cat named Cocoa Bean. She had been chased up a tree by two coyotes and saved by a couple who are devoted cat rescuers. Subsequently, they sent out an email, seeking a home for her. Their email, which included Cocoa Bean’s photo, was forwarded to me, and the moment I saw her I exclaimed, “I want that cat!” So she came to live with us and brighten our lives.

Here is where our granddaughter Erin enters the picture. Cocoa Bean adores Erin. Whenever Erin comes into the house, Cocoa rushes to meet her and begins head-butting and nuzzling her. Now since Cocoa Bean came without any credentials, we have no idea when she was born…and for an astrologer, that is a painful dilemma!

However, I have solved the problem. Cocoa’s attraction to Erin gave me an idea. Cocoa is very much like Erin: Her appetites are identical to Erin’s. For example, she’s always hungry…Erin’s first word was “more”!  Cocoa, like Erin, needs a lot of love and stroking. Furthermore, like Erin, she’s extremely bossy…always telling us by words (meows in Cocoa’s case) and gestures exactly where we should be. Not only that, she’s stubborn—just like Erin. I buy both of them lots of toys, and they don’t play with them.

So, since Cocoa’s personality had the essential elements of a Taurus: huge appetites,, determination,, assertiveness, I decided to give Cocoa Erin’s birthday—May 11th!  And when I erected her chart, I was not surprised to see how well it works. She has her Moon in Aries—like me—and like me, she’s feisty.  She was born during the Balsamic Moon phase; natives born during this phase, invariably suffer the loss of some relationships during their lifetime. Obviously Cocoa Bean had accidentally lost the relationship of her original owner, before being tree-ed by those coyotes.

Which brings me to her most recent adventure. Last weekend my husband and I spent the day with friends and when we returned home we were astonished to find the front door wide open! How long it had been open we had no idea, nor why it was open, although we theorize that it had not been tightly closed before we left and at some point the wind blew it open. Now Cocoa Bean has never shown any desire to go outside since we’ve had her. She is strictly an indoor cat. But, upon seeing the door wide open, my first thought was that she was gone….probably forever. I rushed into the house calling for her…but she didn’t reply, nor did she come running to greet  me. She was, indeed, gone. I was bereft!

My husband, however, being of a less emotional and more practical nature, went into the kitchen and turned on the electric can opener, trusting that Cocoa would hear it, think it meant something good to eat, and would come in.

Sure enough, thankfully for her Taurus appetite, she emerged from under the shrubbery near the front door and slunk into the house, with her tummy virtually scraping the floor from fear or embarrassment—we know not which. But oh! How relieved we were to see her! And it was only after she was safely inside that either of us happened to wonder whether our home had been burglarized during our absence and then we belatedly began checking to see whether all our “stuff” was still here. Happily, all was intact. But you can see where Cocoa Bean ranks on our scale of priorities.
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