As one year comes to a close one cycle ends and another cycle begins to unfold.  So I'd like to offer you a ritual to perform as you mark the passing of another year.

To begin, find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed, seat yourself comfortably and take a deep breath.  Now just exhale the year that is ending.  Better yet, take in a deep breath for each month and exhale the closing year a month at a time.  While you are exhaling, you might like to visualize a calendar and its pages—starting with January—being exhaled out into the Universe.  If there is something special that you want to let go of that occurred in one of these months, visualize it moving away from you off into the distance and into the Universe, leaving you forever.

When you complete this visualization you should be feeling much lighter and ready to prepare for the beautiful New Year that awaits you.  Now you're ready to begin the Tarot Meditation that will reveal your expectations, wishes and possibilities for the New Year.

This Tarot Meditation is designed to correspond to the Lunar Phases with which we have become so familiar as we've worked together with them over the past few years.  You'll begin by shuffling your Tarot Deck to imbue it with your energy.  Then you're going to cut the deck towards you with your left hand and draw nine cards. 

The first card you draw will be the Creator.  Place it in the center of the circle.  This card symbolizes your highest potential for the coming year.  It shows how you will be connected to your "Great I Am" throughout the year.

The second card you draw represents you and the new beginnings you are committed to making in the coming year.  You may use this card for visualization for the entire year because it symbolizes what you are in the process of becoming.  This card also symbolizes the New Moon— beginnings.   Place this card in the Eastern part of your circle.

The third card you draw represents what you must build and work on in the coming year in order to be successful. It correlates to the Crescent Phase.  Place this card in the South Eastern part of the circle.

The fourth card represents what you have to step out and try in the New Year so that you will feel like you are doing something that is expressing your individuality. It symbolizes the First Quarter Phase of the Moon.  Place this card in the Southern part of the circle.

The fifth card represents your inner child and what it is seeking in the way of creativity and fun for the New Year.  This card can also have a great deal to do with your work and how you plan to make it a pleasurable experience.  It embodies the Gibbous Phase of the Moon. Place this card in the South Western part of the circle.

The sixth card you draw represents your shadow issue and what you must learn this year in order to have a good relationship with others.  It also represents the Full Phase of the Cycle.  Place this card in the Western part of the wheel.

The seventh card represents what you have to give out unconditionally all year long in order to stay in balance and receive abundance. This ties in with the Disseminating Phase.  Place this card in the North Western part of the wheel.

The eighth card represents your power for the New Year.  This is your goal—what you can achieve when all of the other cards are balanced.  This corresponds to the Last Quarter Phase of the Cycle.  Place this card in the Northern position of the wheel.

The ninth card represents what you will be letting go of in the New Year.  It also symbolizes the part of you that needs rest and healing.  This is your spiritual program for the New Year.  You can think of it as your retreat card. It's similar to the Balsamic Phase of the Moon.   Place it in the North East position in the wheel.

Now it's time to read the descriptions for each of the cards you have drawn in the book or booklet that accompanies your Tarot Deck.  You will be amazed by how they describe what's going on with you both on an inner and outer level.  Write down the description for each of the cards you have drawn.  You will want to refer to them during the year to see whether you are on track with the Grand Design of your life, because each of them mirrors your intention for the coming year.

I wish you the joy of good health, love and prosperity in the coming year. 

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,


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