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Today the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius--the Cycle of Enlightenment. Click here to discover what the Sagittarius Solar Cycle offers you.  I extend my best wishes for a happy birthday to all Sagittarians! Here is an affirmation just for you.  I am happy to offer a half-price sale on my most popular reports for Sagittarians only. When you order any report you will receive a free Birthday Meditation E-Book. If you’re not a Sagittarian, I’m sure you know one! Why not give them one of these Astrological Reports as a birthday gift? I will send them and you a free Birthday Meditation E-Book.

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I received a brochure and CD in the mail the other day introducing me to a healing secret purported to erase pain, disease, and sickness at amazing speeds. It is derived from an ancient healing discipline called QiGong (pronounced Chee Gong). Perhaps you’ve already heard of this marvelous healing methodology. If not, I invite you to learn more about it at this website.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I’ve mentioned that I lost my mother about a month ago.  She died just three days short of her 95th birthday. In rereading Richard Houck’s book “The Astrology of Death” I was fascinated to learn that, having been born in 1913, my mother was born during a minimum sunspot period.  Just as during this year there have been minimum sunspots detected, back in 1913 this was also the case. It’s been observed that children born to parents who are born during minimum sunspot periods live 2-3 years longer than children born to parents born in maximum sunspot periods. To learn more about Sunspots and their relation to astrology click here.

Not long after my mother’s death I recalled something that the late astrologer Linda Goodman had mentioned in her book, “Sun Signs”. She said that when a Scorpio dies, a baby is usually born into the family during the ensuing year.  Well, my maternal grandmother was a Scorpio and the year after she died my son was born. However, I considered it highly unlikely that this phenomenon could possibly hold true in our family's case. I am, of course, well past childbearing years, and our son and daughter-in-law assure us that they do not plan to present us with any more grandchildren. Accordingly, we laughingly dismissed Linda Goodman’s theory that a baby would be born into our family this year.

Until last week when we received a birth announcement from my husband’s grand niece whose beautiful baby girl was born on October 21st—just one day after my Scorpio mother’s death! As my grandson Ian would say, “Linda rocks!”

Here is my memorial to my beautiful mother.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well! It appears that Star Lady is either a better prognosticator, after all, than Nostradamus, or that we apparently do not entirely understand Nostradamus’s quixotic quatrains.  Be that as it may, I have something to share with you today with regard to Senator Obama’s winning of the United States’ Presidential election. First, I want to express my great regret that President-elect Obama’s grandmother did not live to see this joyous day in his life. I hope that she knew, deep down, that he would win.

Do you remember my earlier discussion about Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck’s book “Tarot and Astrology: The Pursuit of Destiny"? I want to share with you what she has to say about those born during the decan (10-day period) of August 2nd to August 11th, into which Barack Obama falls, having been born on August 4th. This Decan, termed “Six of Leo” is an extremely powerful part of the annual Solar Cycle. Its potential is Six (Ambition); its Frequency is Jupiter (Stability); its Basic Quality is Fire (Dynamic Energy). Here is some of what Mrs. Hasbrouck says about those born during this decan:

“On the positive side: This nature is extraordinarily well balanced. The Leo SIXES have a sense of personal power, self-confidence, and poise. They are vital and dynamic, exerting a strong influence over people and conditions…The Leo SIX is a natural leader, well equipped to occupy positions of importance and responsibility.”

“On the negative side: They are intolerant, overbearing, and self-centered. Everything is sacrificed to their ambitions, even their friends and those they love. 

“The egotism of the Leo SIXES seems to have some quality of magic about It, as If the charm of the personality tends to make it a virtue rather than a fault. They take the centre of the stage - and keep it - with such grace and confidence that they are usually allowed to get away with it. As a matter of fact, this egotism is, in itself, a valuable quality, for it is one of the necessary personal ingredients of the leader and the Leo SIXES have an innate capacity for leadership.”

The Tarot Card assigned to Leo SIXES is the Six of Wands—Victory!

I have felt all along, well, ever since I got what is deemed to be Obama’s correct birth data, and I have assured my family and intimate friends that there was no way he was going to lose this election. I didn’t even need to have an accurate chart for Senator McCain for comparison since last night, at 9:00 o’clock EST, the Moon was at 00 degrees of Aquarius, exactly conjunct Obama’s natal Jupiter. Transiting Venus was moving out of his 10th house of public image into the 11th house of rewards for one’s efforts.  His progressed Venus and Jupiter occupy his 2nd house of self worth.  Those aspects were greatly in his favor.

Moreover, referring to his Vedic Chart, (View his Vedic Chart Report) Barack Obama’s Vimshottari Dashas (Planetary Periods) he is in his Jupiter Major period, Moon Sub period and Mercury Sub Sub period, which I would describe as rewards coming from public recognition.

On the negative side, however, we find Neptune transiting through Obama’s 1st house of personality and new beginnings, conjoining his progressed Saturn (reality). Folks, we do not yet know the real Senator Obama! Reinforcing this Neptune nebulousness, we see that his progressed Sun (his essence) opposes his natal Neptune (inspiration/ illusion).

But let’s move ahead to Inauguration Day, January 20th, to observe more evidence of why I was virtually certain that Barack Obama would become the next President of the United States. Both the transiting Sun and Mercury are at 00 degrees of Aquarius, exactly conjunct his natal Jupiter, which, by the way, is posited in his 12th house—where it offers protection. Coincidentally, Jupiter by transit had passed over his Natal Jupiter by 3 degrees, thus opening up a new 12-year cycle of abundance and prosperity for him. Venus, by progression, is exactly conjunct his natal North Node (Karma, destiny). If ever an event was predicted by the stars, this election and inauguration was.

There are, unfortunately, some serious problems for Obama lurking in the background. On November 26th Pluto will move once more into the sign of Capricorn. On Inaguration Day, January 20th, it will be opposing Obama’s natal Venus. This usually implies a great loss, and perhaps this has already manifested in Obama’s life with the loss of his beloved grandmother who raised him.

Now I want to talk about Obama’s connection to the chart of the United States. Using the Scorpio rising chart for the United States, we see that Barack Obama’s Neptune falls exactly on the Ascendant of the United States chart. (We don’t really know him!)  His natal Mars falls exactly on Neptune in the United States chart. This is somewhat more ominous than our not knowing him, because it implies a sacrifice of some kind.

Confirming this concept of sacrifice is the fact that Obama’s natal Jupiter and Saturn fall on Pluto in the United States chart. This is a sign of danger, according to Richard Houck's analysis  in his book, “The Astrology of Death”. Houck says that it implies assassination. He goes on to detail in great length other cross-chart aspects between past presidents' charts and that of the United States which have resulted in the president’s death. Most notable among these are cross-connections to the nodal axis of the U.S. chart at 6 degrees of Leo/Aquarius. Obama’s Sun/Mercury midpoint in Leo falls very close to this nodal axis.

In addition, the Solar Eclipse of August 1st, 2008 fell close to these cross-chart connections. More worrisome still is the fact that the next Solar Eclipse on January    26th is at 6 degrees of Aquarius, exactly on the United States Nodal Axis. At the same time, transiting Uranus will have come with 2 degrees of opposing Obama’s 8th house Mars, and Saturn will then be within one degree of conjoining that Mars. These are dangerous aspects. I cannot urge you strongly enough to begin now and continue to envision a white light of protection surrounding President-elect Barack Obama. It would leave an irrevocable scar on our nation's history if anything, such as these aspects imply, were to happen to him.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anyone visiting here today looking for a prediction about the outcome of today’s Presidential Election is doomed to disappointment.   Despite my whimsical  experiment of creating a compatibility chart of Senator McCain and Sarah Palin, and my glib prediction of a win for them based upon that chart, I do not, in my heart of hearts, believe that technique actually applies to this election.  However, what I have said previously—that there will be a surprise ending to the election still holds. You see, today transiting Uranus exactly opposes Saturn and you know how Uranus the disrupter loves to knock the foundation out from under staid and sober Saturn!

How—or when—that surprise ending may show up is anyone’s guess.  Frankly, as you know, I gave up trying to publicly predict the winner of this election when I noticed that everyone is using a different chart for McCain, while we are all using the same chart for Obama..

However, here’s a news bulletin:  During a discussion I had earlier today with my dear friend and personal guru, I learned that Nostradamus, in one of his quirky quatrains, predicted a win for McCain. If he’s right, he was a better prognosticator than I am!

But I guess that’s not news, is it?

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Further to my post last month about Jennifer Hudson's tragedy, you can read her inspiring story that appears in the current issue of Guideposts Magazine. You can also read Guidepost's Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan's heartfelt comments in the aftermath of Jennifer's family tragedy. Our prayers for her and her family continue.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, November 02, 2008

The other day I wrote a magnificent blog intending to post it here on November 1st. It was lengthy. It was pithy. In it I waxed poetic about a celebrity of whom I am  inordinantly fond. It was an articulate description of this person’s natal chart, its aspects, as well as its current trends by transits, secondary progressions, solar arc directions—and even tertiary progressions—a technique I rarely consult in Western astrology but which I swear by in Hindu, or Vedic astrology.  I assure you, all of my laboriously researched astrological assertions described this person to a “T”. 

There was only one problem with my penetrating comments, which, by the grace of God, and a very cautious nature, I discovered before posting my grand and glorious analysis. I had the wrong birth data for this person, who wasn’t even born in the sign I had accidentally ascribed to him! Although obviously I am disappointed that all the effort I had put into this sublime blog was entirely wasted, I am profoundly grateful that I rechecked the birth data in time to prevent putting out an utterly false discourse on this person’s potential!

I confess, however, that I am still bemused by why the wrong birth information so perfectly described this person and his present circumstances. Oh, to be sure, I’ve known before of wrong charts working, as has every astrologer; it’s happened on more than one occasion that I have had wrong birth data for a person or an event that seemed on its face to be perfectly descriptive of the person or event. In fact, I’ve been annoyed more than once to find that the actual chart, based on accurate birth data, wasn’t nearly as accurate a description of what had happened to the person as the incorrect data!  Which is why I’m not even going to bother analyzing the accurate birth data for the afore-mentioned celebrity. I really don’t need the aggravation!

To tell the truth I’m relieved that the month of October is over. It was not a good month for me.  Well, I did have a wonderful birthday and was duly celebrated by family and friends as I was wined and dined, lunched and brunched to a fare-thee-well.  I've probably gained five pounds in the process (maybe more, but who's counting?).

Also, I am thankful that the infamous Santa Ana winds, which were blowing fiercely for a great deal of the month, did not produce brushfires in my immediate vicinity this year. After the emotional trauma my family, along with countless others, experienced during last year’s firestorm in San Diego County, I admit to being apprehensive whenever the wind blows or helicoptors hover nearby.

But on the downside, in October one of our beautiful cats disappeared without a trace, I lost my mother, and my new digital DSL camera inexplicably died. The latter I can replace, but a mother is irreplaceable.  On a curious note, more than one person of my acquaintance has lost a pet and a parent at the same time. Has this happened to you, or anyone you know?

Perhaps because I was in the midst of all this angst, I have been re-reading Richard Houck’s book “The Astrology of Death”, which I must frankly tell you I cannot recommend, since I do not consider it to be a well-written book. It is rife with typographical errors, questionable chart rectifications, and a plethora of convoluted “Hail Mary” guesses in many instances with regard to what constitutes the interpretation of death in a person’s chart.

I must admit, though, that Hindu (Vedic) astrologers have a much better technique for predicting a person's longevity and the time of death than we Western astrologers are capable of doing. Not that I have spent a lot of time pursuing this subject. One thing I have observed on my own, however, is that death frequently occurs after the most recent Solar Eclipse has hit one’s 1st house (physical body). Please understand that this event is not, I hasten to point out, an inevitable death warrant! It did happen to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, however, and it happened to my mother. On the other hand, it has not (as yet) happened to Nancy Reagan, who was hospitalized after falling and breaking her pelvic bone, and who also experienced the August 1st Solar Eclipse in her 1st house.  But who knows? Perhaps I do not have her correct birth data!

But to return to Hindu astrology: The late astrologer Richard Houck, author of “The Astrology of Death” (I wonder if he predicted his own death?) cites the accuracy of Tertiary Progressed Stations as valid indicators, not only of death, but of every other important event in one’s life. On this point I am in complete accord with him, as I’ve extensively tracked these stations in my own life and in the lives of my family members. Happily, both my Western Astrology software and my Vedic Astrology software have these calculations built in, so it’s easy for me to run Tertiary Progressed Stations to anyone’s chart.

As it happens, in my mother’s Vedic chart the planets Mars and Saturn are afflicted—the former being one of the indicators of her death. In the Hindu technique of Planetary Periods, and at the time of my mother’s death, she was in her Saturn Period, (Dasha), her Saturn Sub-Period (Bhukti) and Mars sub-sub period. In addition, the most recent Tertiary Progressed Station in her chart before her death was that of Saturn (her so-called "maraka"--or "killer planet").

From these indications, it would have been quite clear to anyone engaged in the practice of predicting death using astrological tools, that my mother’s time on the Earth plane had come to an end.  Thankfully, shortly before her death I was at her side, holding her hand and reassuringly helping her make her transition peacefully.

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