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Sara Palin, the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate, is very much in the news again because of her new book "Going Rogue: An American Life". So I thought it might be instructive to examine her Yearly Book of Destiny Report to see what it has to say about her life at the moment. Interestingly, Sarah Palin's birth card is the Ace of Spades...the most spiritual card in the deck--the card of ambition and the Magi Card.

The Ace of Spades is the ancient symbol of the secret mysteries, the most
spiritual card in the deck, and yet, also the most ambitious and material-oriented
in many cases. This is called the Magi Card because the Ace of Spades was, and
still is, the symbol used by many of the esoteric schools of knowledge, among
them The Order of the Magi, whose members are responsible for the preservation
and desemination of this card system.

Sarah Palin's Yearly Report outlines in exquisite detail precisely what has been going on for her this year.  First of all,  she is experiencing her "Rebirth Year". At Age 45, each of us experiences the Rebirth Year. For most people, this means they return to their original location in the Grand Solar Spread, the same place they were during the first year of life.

Secondly, this is a major completion year for Palin, because the Nine of Spades is her Long Range of the most important cards of the year.  In addition, right now she is in her Uranus Period, and the Nine of Spades is the card governing this period.

I simply cannot imagine a more precise description of her life than her Book of Destiny Yearly Report....and that is why, without hesitation, I can recommend these reports for anyone wishing to discover what is in store for them in any given year. But you be the judge! After you've read Sarah Palin's Yearly BOD Report, you can learn more about all the BOD Reports and read more celebrity reports here.

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This video brought me wave after wave of goosebumps and tears streaming down my face. Perfection and beauty are my gods...and this performance exquisitely combined the two. In addition, I've always adored Ravel's "Boléro" and I have made a few interesting moves of my own to its sensuous cadences!  (I hope you have , too?) Perhaps it is those memories that brought tears to my eyes as I watched and listened to this video. This link may interest you with regard to Boléro. 

One of my greatest regrets at this late stage in my life's story is that, although I very early on wished to, I did not  have the opportunity to develop a musical talent of my own; however, I do, perhaps for that very reason, cherish my intense enjoyment of the magical musical gifts of others.

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I have discussed previously the marriage of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt citing the difficulties symbolized by their respective Book of Destiny Birth Cards I’ve recently finished reading “Eleanor and Franklin" by Joseph P. Lash and “No Ordinary Time” their biography by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Both biographers portray the Roosevelt marriage as extremely complicated. Although their marriage started out with such high expectations by both of them, there were tortuous ups and downs all along the way.

Reading about their marriage reminded me of a movie I saw when I was in college: “The Four Poster”, starring Rex Harrison and his wife Lilli Palmer. Adapted from the prize-winning Broadway play that featured a couple centered around a four-poster bed, in which the couple enacts their marriage, from its first day until he dies, some time after she has died. It is the story of a "love" that endured wars, an "other" woman, and the death of their favorite son. My husband (my fiancé at the time) and I, while students at Kansas University, went into Lawrence to see this movie one Saturday night. I vividly remember being so profoundly affected by this love story that I cried…no, actually I sobbed, all the way back to campus on the bus!

The movie eerily parallels the real life love story of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. And, much like Eleanor, I was so idealistic about marriage, so full of illusions about what marriage was like, that I was heart-broken by the “reality”—the ups and downs, the struggles interspersed with the joy of marriage as portrayed in the movie.  And yet, just as in the Roosevelts’ marriage, my own marriage  now of over 55 years has enjoyed both blissful moments as well as having survived times of great pain and despair.

While I am far from being in full agreement with everything she believed in and stood for, I nevertheless have great admiration for Eleanor Roosevelt because she rose above her innate shyness to perform feats of accomplishment for the under-privileged of our country—feats unparalleled by any other First Lady. And frankly, I think her accomplishments exceeded those of her husband.

So I thought it would be interesting to look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Vedic Chart to see what it has to say about her. Truth to tell, I was amazed by how accurately this ancient astrological art portrays her personality and her life’s accomplishments. Based on her Western Horoscope, with her Mercury—thinking and communicating abilities, conjunct Uranus—the revolutionary breakthrough planet, I already knew that she was a person of extremely great intelligence, a factor which helped her guide her husband, who was blessed with charisma…to legislate some of her revolutionary concepts into reality.  And this is precisely what her Vedic Chart confirms about her contribution to society and her destiny. Her Vedic Chart Reading even details her lifelong struggle with depression.

Read excerpts from Eleanor Roosevelt’s Vedic Chart Reading here. Then, if you would like to see what your Vedic Chart has to say about you, you may learn more about the ancient and phenomenally accurate Vedic Report here!

I enjoy reading about the Roosevelts even though their liberal Democrat political persuasion was the exact opposite of my own conservative Republican turn of mind. Perhaps my fascination with them simply stems from the fact that I grew up in Duchess County, New York, where FDR was born, lived and is buried.  So every time I read about his ritual of beginning his various political campaigns in front of the Nelson House in Poughkeepsie, I smile, because during World War II my mother, Ferne Andrews, was an anchor at Radio Station WKIP, situated directly behind the Nelson House.  I have often walked past that building on my way to visit my mother at the radio studio.  In fact, she once interviewed Eleanor Roosevelt there. Here is a picture of my mother with Mrs. Roosevelt and her associates. My mother is the lady with glasses standing behind Mrs. Roosevelt.
"This is my letter to the world,
that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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