(What Spells Romance to Your Lover?)
If you fall in love with an Aries you’d better recognize it’s a gamble. They need intensity and they love to take risks. Aries leads with their emotions in romance. Their early life disturbances are very important to them. They form their consciousness of relationship issues before the age of three based on the parents’ love or dissension issues.

They form their romantic ideas around family and security, endings and beginnings. Taurus is always ending the relationship and then beginning it again! They are into being secure, so they begin the relationship if you have enough assets. If you’re involved with a Taurus find out what represents security to them Is it food? Money? Or knowing that you’ll be there for them? They create their romance based onownership, protection, security, and feelings. And their early home life is very much involved. If you’re with a Taurus go meet their Mom and Dad and find out what the Taurus’s early life was like, because they’re always recreating it.

Gemini loves to play games. Do you know how to play hide and seek? Kidding—they love to kid around and they think it’s romantic! You can’t be thin-skinned if you’re in love with a Gemini, because they’re going to slam-dunk you and call it teasing. Communication—they love romantic talk over the phone, so drive somewhere, get out your cell phone and call them. The voice is important to their romantic ideal. Short trips. Take them out to the country, show them something new; give them an adventure. It’s romantic to them. Siblings are important to then. Find out how they interact with their siblings. They’re looking for a brother or sister on some level. They form their relationships through instincts, not logic.

Possession is the name of the game for Cancer. Sensuality, touch, values, getting what they want is romantic. Mom’s clock; mom’s plate—these represent romance to them. Practical planning: talk to them about owning a house, putting money in the bank. It turns them on. They’re attached romantically through their instincts. You must understand their feelings about parents, money and values when you’re courting a Cancer.

Self-fulfillment—me, gratification! I am the relationship! That’s Leo’s romantic hook. Expression of romance—they want you to allow them to be romantic. It’s easy. They want to be the center of attention. They love being adored and they love to adore in return. They need to feel they are your “one and only” love. Their relationship is based entirely upon emotion.

Sacrifice! They create a relationship around sacrifice, They form their romantic relationship around service. If you don’t let Virgos serve you, they can’t believe they’re in love with you or that you love them. Let them serve you. They also need a very strong spiritual bond. Find out if their parents had health problems, or if one parent had to take care of the other. If so, they’ll want to recreate that in their romance. Their idea of love is: “If you get sick, I’ll take care of you. If I get sick you’ll take care of me. Okay, we’re in love!”

Romance to Libra is about being social. Can you be social? If not, leave Libra alone. Can you take them to the best restaurant, choose the finest wine? They’ll appreciate your expertise and equate it with romance. Friendship—they place a high value on friendship. They love intellectual ideas, universal ideas, and collective ideas. Can you discuss these? Libra’s romance is based on the intellect. Are you smart? Can you carry on an intelligent conversation? Do you have a social consciousness? Are you aware of these things? If so, you’ve got it made with a Libran!

Purpose, responsibility, respect, leadership, goals, direction, spirituality, achievement. Deep down, Scorpio wants a relationship that’s going somewhere, working towards achievement. If you’re not achieving something together Scorpio leaves. If you can create something important together you’ll be together forever. They want to work towards a goal; that spells romance for them.

Adventure! Make up a story. Sagittarius loves a story. They crave a teaching/learning experience in a relationship. Tell them about your trip overseas; they love foreign places and people from other cultures. Are you from another culture? So much the better for your relationship with a Sagittarius. Intelligence is high on the list of Sagittarius needs. They love street smarts, common sense. You have to appear worldly and be willing to grant them the freedom they need—as much freedom as you have yourself. If they can’t catch you, they want you!

Their romantic issue is based on sexuality, control, secretiveness, power, joint resources, and perseverance. They’re also intensely marked by their parents’ resources. Capricorn’s are intense lovers, the most intense of the zodiac. Their love energy rules the Eighth house, so when they fall in love, they need to create a romantic image of power and all the things that represent power.

Sharing  and open enemies. One of the first things Aquarius does is to make an (imaginary) enemy of their lover and then they proceed to conquer them! You must also be social and have a greater social life than a home life. If you’re someone who’s important socially, Aquarius loves you! Sharing everything. They love to share—even tooth brushes!

Work, service, and routine are their romantic issues. You have to let a Pisces work to earn your love. Say to them, “I’m not sure I love you.” Boy, then they’ll work for your love until the end of time. If you make the mistake of telling them too soon that you love them unconditionally, then their work is over as far as they’re concerned. Pisces, when romantically involved, includes you in their every thought, every routine—everything!

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