Sagittarius Affirmation SagittariusAffirmation
Sagittarius Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Sagittarius
I fully accept its power, potentials and gifts.
I am the Sage of the Universe.
I am the Seer of the Zodiac.
I see the future now. I remember the future.
I accept the healing and magical powersthat I have
or will usefor the benefit of myself so I may serve others
in whatever capacity I choose as appropriate.
I adapt my enthusiasm; I am optimistic, dependable.
I am friendly, honest, and versatile. My humour is subtle.
I make friends everywhere; I make them easily
at home or when I am travelling
because I am honest and independent,
encouraging and trusting,
idealistic and impartial, just and loyal.
I am warm, optimistic, and sympathetic.
I shoot for the stars.
I project the soul homeward.
I increase awareness and life force.
I focus attention of the high heavens.
I am the Adventurer.
the unknown becomes me.
I love the unexplored.
I aspire to the spirit of the truth and
journey toward definite and distant goals.
I am the one who frees the Arrow of Enlightenment.
I extend and expand the very horizons of the universe.
I ever seek the test of boundaries and challenges.
I am devoted to the truth. I open new dimensions.
I seduce the truth, new knowledge.
I evaluate morality to the super-consciousness.
I am the floodlight of the spirit. I shoot high;
I fly high to find the perfect perspective.
I need the fullest picture forever forward and upward
always the eternal spiraling.
and I shoot my arrow to the target unflinchingly.
I see the goal, I share the future, I believe in the future.
Life for me opens always in new dimensions
and new realms and new spheres.
I direct my energies at the bull's-eye for I am the Archer.
My bow pulls me, the arrow lets ~me~ go,
I fly centred and true, focused in one direction.
Within me, the ideas of the universe are given birth.
I illuminate the intellect by the light of the spirit.
I leave the darkness; for me the future holds no fear,
only the wondrous and mysterious beckoning me forth.
It is my destiny beckoning Now I choose
to share my future in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~
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