Scorpio Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Scorpio
and I fully accept all its power, potential, and gifts.
I am one of the most mysterious and  powerful members of the zodiac
for I am the Transformer, I am the Regenerator.
I am the Keeper of Mysteries,
I am the Mystic.  I soar above like an eagle. 
I see with the Eye of the Mystic Eagle
the power of transformation at work in ordinary reality.
I see deeper realities. 
I get under the skin of things. 
I probe the psyche, noticing everything. 
I use amazing objectivity to fly above
the web of emotional entanglements so
I may penetrate into the Heart of the matter
and as the Phoenix I rise above out of death, out of darkness, 
out of the fiery depths
and give birth to life at a new level t
hrough the burning of all limitations in the fire.
I accomplish what I set out to do. 
My being releases passions, eliminates poisons,
and brings virgin matter into being to be used by the power of mankind
for unification and regeneration to help the human soul's passage
from the personal to the universal,
from the material universe of forms
to the spiritual, mythic realm of the soul. 
I have many powerful tools and talents
as a gift from the sign of Scorpio to aid me and my sexual power,
my magnetic charisma, 
my ability for razor-sharp judgments, my critical perception,
my indomitable will and self-control,
my incisive intellect, my growing empathy.
Every day I love more intensely than ever.
Every day is the death of the old
and every minute is the resurrection of the new.
I comfort and consummate,
I rise and sublimate, impelled to create. 
I master the arts. I stimulate.
I plunge into life like a lover burning through
all obstacles with the laser intensity
of my Scorpionic eyes,  giving birth to unlimited power,
unlimited potentials, because of my strong will and utter determination.
It is my destiny
Now I choose to shape my future in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~

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