Taurus Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Taurus
I accept all its power, potentials, and gifts
I am the Settler of the zodiac;
I use stability and persistence
for the benefit of myself and others,
in whatever capacity I choose as appropriate.

The key for tapping into my deepest resources
is the ever-increasing acceptance of myself,
of who I am now and what I wish to become.
I can see, hear, and feel myself,  day by day, month by month,
moving toward the perfection of my talents,
the deep integration of all my aspects but trusting myself,
by continued used of my unique gifts.
I accept fully my sustained manifestation of energy
the refinement of what I've already accomplished
by concentration and sharp focus,  persistence and patience.
I accept fully my ability to build solid foundations
and to manage my many resources well.
I accept my practical common sense.
I accept the value I place on quality.
I accept fully my ability to nurture and cultivate.
I accept my ability to hold the line against opposition
with appropriate flexibility.
I accept my natural unhurried rhythm,
my ability to work hard and then relax well.
I accept fully my ability to see beauty
and appreciate the blessing of comfort
I appreciate my sense of proportion and my sense of humor
I am careful, purposeful and determined.
I am protective, sensitive and understanding.
I am composed, calm and affectionate.
I am practical and very productive.
I am strongly determined in matters
where it is appropriate and I am a faithful friend.
I can manifest a deep quiet joy.  A very deep, very quiet joy.
I serve as a steady influence for others.
I appreciate tranquillity and contact with nature.
I can manifest a strong vitality.
Through changing circumstances I can persevere.
I am contemplative and faithful to my spiritual goals.
After weighing a matter, I make good decisions.
My feet are on solid ground and I enjoy the basics of life.
I can give form to ideas.
I can strongly manifest the power of quiet persistence
I establish roots, nurture flourishing growth. 
I return when my endeavors bear fruit
and I retain and conserve what is worthwhile.
I am patient and I am thorough. I love myself and trust myself
to live my life in right action, steadfastness effectiveness, and peace.
It is my destiny.  Now I choose to shape my future in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge.

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro~
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