1.Astrology helps you appreciate your uniqueness more fully

2. It teaches you  to accept others more completely

3.  You learn to love others more unconditionally

4.  You begin to recognize when opportunities are available to you

5.  You time the events in your life more advantageously

6.  You anticipate the times when challenges will show up for you

7.  You schedule appointments at times beneficial to you

8.  You know the ideal times to plan significant events like elective surgery,  marriage, or opening a business

9.  You know the perfect time to buy or sell anything

10.You follow the 12-month Solar Cycle through the "Seasons of Your Life"

11.You mirror the mood of the moment during the 29.6-day Lunar Cycle

12.You take time to meditate during the New and Full Moon phases

13.You initiate projects during the New Moon phase

14.You gather information during the Crescent phase

15.You step out and take action during the First Quarter phase

16.You combine creativity with techniques during the Gibbous phase

17.You expect to interact vigorously with others during the Full Moon phase

18.You distribute your ideas energetically during the Disseminating phase

19.You contemplate reaping the rewards for your efforts during the Third Quarter phase

20.You release your attachment to what you have created in the current Cycle and begin to sow the seeds for the coming Lunar Cycle during the Balsamic phase

21.You comprehend the lifetime importance of your Prenatal Eclipse 

22.You understand the dramatic effects of the Solar Eclipse Cycle as it moves through the Houses of your Birthchart

23.You flow effortlessly with the energy of your personal Solar Cycle

24.You recognize the four "Crisis Points" of your personal Solar Cycle

25.You cash in on the abundance of Jupiter's 12-year Cycle

26.You take responsibility for creating your own destiny in alignment with Saturn's 28-year Cycle

27.You welcome more freedom  with the phases of Uranus's 84-year Cycle

28.You tune into the healing and teaching energies of the Chiron Cycle

29.You know where you are in the Seven-Year Cycle

30.You understand the symbolism of the twelve phases of the Seven-Year Cycle

31.You avoid scheduling important undertakings during Void-of-Course Moon periods

32.You are less frustrated by the delays and missed connections during Mercury's  three retrograde periods each year

33.You do not plan a wedding or undertake new investments during Venus's  retrograde periods

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,


Let Me Count the Ways!

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